S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode Eleven

Pre-game: Super Typhoon Haiyan smashed through the Philippines; Tacloban City was worst hit. Three hours after the news got out Eric Lehnsherr [yeah, I know I’ve been spelling it “Lensherr”, my bad] aka Magneto showed up at Tacloban and started to help. He moved the ships that had been washed ashore out to sea, fixing hulls with holes in them, and anchored them. He fixed the broken metal parts of wrecked sewer, power and cell tower machinery. He cleared swaths of leveled city of metal debris.

Hours after Lehnsherr started a Super-Temps/ DMA disaster aid group arrived. Those with super-senses (Sinclair, K9, The Nose, Mindee Grace) found people and bodies trapped in the rubble; phasers (Agent Pryde, Virginia Brown aka Pixie) pulled them out. Super- strong types (Agent Dukes, T-Rex and others) cleared wreckage. Madison Jeffries fixed things on a large scale. Robert Drake, aka Iceman and CEO of Super-Temps, supplied clean water by forming large (hundreds of tons) masses of ice in many locations. Lila Cheney and Vanessa Carlysle teleported supplies and personnel from all over the world. [If both ends are well-organized, each of them can average 10 tons per minute.] Carlysle and Rogue healed people.

Aside from Jeffries, who worked with him when necessary, they avoided contact with Lehnsherr. Filipino journalist Bernadette Sembrano managed to get a short interview out of Lehnsherr: he’d rather not be called ‘Magneto’; he accepted the current scientific understanding that there was no homo superior, only homo sapiens with activated X-genes; he’d been insane for some time before Alcatraz and regretted many things; he was an Auschwitz survivor; he was there to help, because he could.
President Aquino ordered everyone, particularly SHIELD and DMA personnel, to leave Lehnsherr in peace so long as he himself was peaceful.

Agents Copeland and Mgwanze woke up to orders: Pack up one of the flying cars — no heavy weapons, 3 ton limit including the car — for a trip to Tacloban City. The DMA+ aid mission was having trouble with local authorities and the mission (and PR bonanza) was being adversely affected. Mgwanze could speak to anyone and was skilled in dealing with bureaucracies. Copeland was extremely persuasive and deceptive — diplomatic. Go and fix it. The DMA and Super-Temps people would cooperate.
Carlysle teleported them to Donald Z. Romualdez Airport where Agent Potter of SHIELD and the S-T liaison briefed them. The big problem was that supplies, lot of supplies, were going missing from the NGO drop point and, to a far lesser degree, the DZMA drop point. People were desperate, organized gangs were common, many of the police and military and officials were corrupt. The DMA, S-T and, officially, SHIELD were not there to police or maintain order, just for humanitarian work. Officially. Headquarters expected them to finesse it.

In short: Our Agents delayed meeting with the local officials and bigwigs — jetlag. Did their research, gathered info and identified three, particularly two corrupt bastards as the heart of the problem. The local army colonel in charge of guarding the aid stations seemed to be honest and capable.

(Meanwhile, two supers from India: Pari Rao aka Apsara and Vihaan Singh aka Marut, arrived in Tacloban — having flown there at Mach 5 — looking to help, and to contact V. Carlysle, and were dumped on Our Agents. Rao was 23, one of the acid attack victims healed by VC who had Activated almost at once, she was stunningly beautiful, fairly tough and the fastest flier in India (top ten in the world). Singh was 18, newly Activated, with electrical powers, almost as fast as Rao, superstrength, and exuberant good will. Both had blue skin, but Rao could alter hers at her whim. They were given a sat phone, VC’s number, and told to check isolated communities for problems.)

Copeland and Mgwanze conferred privately with Colonel Regalado. His hands were tied unless he had some extremely, red-handed, damning evidence. Video would be best. Perhaps they could persuade the scary blonde girl (Mindee Grace) to help? C & M were reluctant but Regalado, while being polite and even charming, obviously thought that anyone who had a telepath on call and didn’t use her was crazy.

Mgwanze called Amara Aguia (ake Magma, Mindee’s bodyguard; Mindee did not take calls while working) via satphone. Mindee was increasingly outraged at people interfering with the mission and was happy to help.

Our Agents met with the officials and bigwigs. MG monitored telepathically. At Copeland’s direction MG planted strong suggestions that the worst offenders, a Mr. Alfafara and a Mr. Palma (Slimy and Slimier) check personally on their thieving ops at the NGO drop point that night, at the same time. Then they briefed Col Regalado. They called Bernadette Sembrano, the journalist and asked her if she wanted in on a huge muckraking story. She did. They arranged for Marut and Apsara to fly them in from the neighboring island — Marut picked up their car and flew them over at a pokey 120 mph. They reconnoitered the site and picked hiding places. Apsara would hover far overhead, Marut would stay in reserve.

The sting went off as planned. The thieves didn’t shoot it out, expecting their bosses would fix things — they didn’t see the cameras until it was too late. Palma almost got away in his armored limo but Copeland had Apsara grab her and intercept, smashing through the sun roof. Apsara left, Copeland mopped up the gunmen in the limo and let Palma get out to get chased around by Sembrano and soldiers.

Things went more smoothly after that. Col. Regaldo got a commendation and Presidential support. Sembrano’s popularity soared. Apsara/ Rao got some credit for helping out: she’d just happened to be there. (Rao, drop dead gorgeous and with a bit of Bollywood experience, was a popular minor heroine, though a foreigner.)

Apsara and Marut discovered a village that had a surplus, and tons of out of season, undamaged crops. Courtesy of 14 year old Gene-active Waray-Waray sisters Paspsai and Pagdali who could, respectively create masses of food and cause plants, trees even, to grow from seeds in seconds. Our Agents talked to the suspicious villagers. Super-Temps provided representation. Pres. Aquino was informed. They’re doing a tour of the islands.

(Meanwhile, behind the scenes: T-Rex aka Willie Forrest had been body-guarding Lady Gaga, who’d received some very nasty death threats. He had friends on Leyte Island, not too far from Tacloban, and got released to go help out; other Daniels Detective Agency agents would sub. Forrest and LG got a free teleport from fellow musician Lila Cheney to Tacloban LG looked things over and had an Idea. She organized the Concert for the Philippines Typhoon Relief within a day, using Cheney and V Carlysle for instant transport (a draw in itself). Katy Perry, Adele, Elton John, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi and U2, plus popular Philippino musicians Krizza Neri, David Archuleta and Julie Anne San Jose all agreed to play. Advertising was almost entirely by social media. Tickets for the LA concert sold out in 4 hours.

The religious crazy Zealot (fire blasts, flight, tough, strong, convinced he’s God’s sword on Earth, active for 5 weeks) did crash the concert to kill Lady Gaga, who’s concert schedule was posted on the concert website. Oni took the hit for her, Jack Daniels aka Badfinger took Zealot down, Fire Eater of the NYFD snuffed collateral fires, V Carlysle healed Oni and then teleported boyfriend Agent Mgwanze in to Cure Zealot — all captured live by three cameras. The video made tons of money at $5 a download.)

Our Agents and everybody but Lehnsherr and Jeffries pulled out of the Philippines shortly thereafter. [So in this game world, the casualties were cut by maybe 25+% and the water and food shortages cut by maybe 75%. The world noticed.]

Rao and Singh got clearance to fly across the US* and visited the Xavier Institute.

*Flying under your own power is legal in most jurisdictions, within limits. Fliers must stay out of airport flight paths, avoid controlled zones (military bases, many government offices, etc.) and not recklessly endanger people. Very few supers cause sonic booms at supersonic speeds, but supersonic flight across the US (and many other countries) is controlled, largely because a supersonic person looks a lot like a missile on radar — and a supersonic flier carrying a 50 lb. rock IS effectively a missile platform. Enforcement is difficult, but Iron Patriot or Cannonball can catch most fliers and others (Agent Barton for instance) can shoot them down.



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