S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode Ten


The group mind inventorfest continued at the Skunk Works. Jeffries, Viera and Thea Grace made flying cars. They reworked Viera’s (already converted) Ferrari. Jeffries got two, including a Batmobile. Thea got one for herself and each of her sisters. One for Director Fury. One for Deputy Director Hill. And a bunch of others. Phoebe and Mindee Grace showed up and broke the mindmeld. The carmakers collapsed, exhausted.

Vanessa Carlysle enjoyed a few days camping with Agent Mgwanze — who doesn’t like camping, but VC needed to get away from most people. Upon her return, she visited the Xavier Institute and wiped her array of copied power (and mental) templates by standing close to James Bright aka Leech. No more Sabertooth in her head. Next: new templates, none of them crazy or criminal.

Director Fury called Agents Mgwanze and Copeland (White and Talon were out on assignment) and informed them that today was Moving Day. The teleport block tech worked and was installed at the newly expanded Skunk Works, which had room for their office. They were getting the hell out of Disneyland. Pack up their personal items and pack up the secure data and equipment (SHIELD weapons, Cure dispensers, etc.) for movement via teleportation; the rest would go by truck. Be ready to take down their teleport block upon receiving another call in an hour.

Fury called back and was teleported in by Agent Harris along with Agent Rogers. They had a mission. The remaining at-large South American super-assassins were gathering to be exfiltrated by their Hydra controllers. Unfortunately, the Hydra agents were working out of the Huntington Beach Saddleback Church compound (church, high school & sports center in a rich neighborhood…) which posed problems. They’d call in a credible bomb threat — blaming al-Qaida, since Hydra was unknown to the public — to clear the compound. Tech Support would take down the compound’s electronic security. Rogers and Agent Dukes and Rogers’ SHIELD assault squad would go in the front. Mgwanze, Copeland and Agent Marko (aka Sandman) would go in the big bus garage to the suspected underground ops center. Objectives: capture as many Hydra agents and assassins alive as possible, dead if not, acquire all the data from the ops center and copy everything in the whole compound if possible.

The op did not go well.
The Hydra force had half a dozen working Hydra ‘blasters’, something not seen since 1944. The ambush was very good, led by what appeared to be a clone of Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, without the facial disfigurement, with Erskine super-soldier enhancements. Rogers and Dukes were hit and disappeared. The assault squad retreated. Marko, Mgwanze and Copelend were also zapped…

To appear in a frozen plain, in a forty mph wind, with all their electronics which had been turned on fried, surrounded by over a thousand frozen, mummified corpses, near a 11’ tall rotating metal device of some sort. Marko was in bad shape as half his sandy mass had been left behind in California, leaving him mentally impaired. Rogers would freeze, eventually, though perhaps not fatally. Dukes was immune to the cold. Copeland and Mgwanze turned their assault suit heaters on. Mgwanze queried the device and was told it was the beacon for the Hydra “blasters”. The corpses were nearly all US, British or Russian WW2 soldiers.

Their lasers and stunners were fine. They had two days of ration bars for two, the Stark batteries from their blasters, the Hydra teleport beacon and all the gear from the corpses around them. Their suit GPS established that they were in Antarctica, about 210 miles from the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Copeland, Rogers and Dukes lasered and dug out an ice cave and packed it with uniforms. Mgwanze tried to figure out what they could do with the beacon — WW2 Hydra devices were crazy dangerous. Marko tried to not blow away. They made Dukes some cross-country skis and snow shoes from rifles — laser them red hot and Dukes could mold them by hand — fit for his 400 lb body. (Comfort was not a problem, he’s high invulnerable.) Dukes left for the ASSPS on foot. The others used scavenged 70+ year old radio parts and their own equipment to turn the beacon off and use it to power a spark-gap radio and attempted to broadcast to the station.

Several hours later Agent Petrovna (aka Dark Star, SHIELD Russia) found them. She brought Lila Cheney, rock star and world’s most popular teleporter along. (Amundsen-Scott got their messages, sent word to the authorities. Cheney has global range but had never visited Antarctica. Nor had Petrovna, whose 250 mile teleport range was insufficient for the jump from Tierra del Fuego to the Antarctic Peninsula, so they had to fly over.) Cheney agreed to transport a team to deal with the dead WW2 soldiers and examine the device. Petrovna determined that the teleport beacon was, perhaps, within her force bubble weight limits but she’d want some scientists to look the piece of Nazi govno over before she’d move it, and there was no way she’d try to teleport the thing at all.

Petrovna loade them into a darkforce bubble and flew them along Agent Dukes’ trail. They caught up with him two miles from Amundsen-Scott. He swore a bit and finished the trip on his own. The stationers treated them like celebrities and there was much picture taking and autograph signing. Then Lila zapped them to the Skunk Works.

Back in Huntington Beach, SHIELD blew the compound up and made it look like the ‘terrorists’ did it. No bodies were recovered. SHIELD contractor Ricardo Obregon found and recorded the power signature of the teleporter who took the Hydra agents away.

Director Fury sent Pres Obama a recommendation that the public be made aware of Hydra. Petrovna did the same for Pres Putin.



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