S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode Twelve

Our Agents assigned to stop a speedster who’d killed more than forty members of a very large LA street gang in 5 days. Method is high speed machete or rebar .
Speedsters are not that common. Registered Super Temps supers not fast enough. Quicksilver aka many fake names is more than fast enough but not known for going after street gangs. (Though he and his sister massacred a human trafficking organization in S/E Europe a few years back.)
Then there’s Jennifer Hardwick, from Level Six. They check her out. She’s a USC student working towards becoming a stunt woman. She has three roommates at her apartment, also students, two noob actresses and one noob stuntwoman. JH has quit school and moved to Montana.
JH’s parents confirm she left for Montana. Pictures of a young boy lead to the fact that JH’s brother was killed in a drive-by. The 17-year old killer was convicted, imprisoned and got out 5 months ago.
Satellite pics show what could have been one or more speedsters messing about in the desert south of Edwards AFB.
Traffic cam reviews track JH north until she meets a man and a woman in a truck stop. Her car kept going but an out-of-work actress dressed identically to JH drove the car to Montana and abandoned it. All arranged over the internet, paid in cash at the truck stop.
There’s another killing, three cars full of bangers got hand grenades placed in moving cars, survivors chopped.
LAPD gang squad knows there’s a big, secret meeting of the gang’s sub-bosses scheduled. JH seems to have extremely accurate intel on the gang’s movements. Our Agents fly around the meet site…. and spot someone leaping from roof to roof (doing no damage) at 65 mph towards the meet site. They follow - and JH hears the air car (which sounds very much like the Chitauri air sleds or Star Wars podracers). JH flees onto the freeway going north. She’s a little faster than the car — no she’s twice as fast, turns on a dime and doubles back. They go straight to the warehouse meet site, blasting through a wall with MkIVs, and find her blurring around the group severing arms, legs and heads. A bunch of bangers start shooting at the car. One dude, unfazed is tracking JH with an AK. Our Agents open up on the latter and blow a hole in the crowd. The car’s ballistic armor proves worthy of the challenge.
JH leaves off the slaughter and vacates. The agents pursue her to the top a 30-story building, where she surrenders. She’s had her revenge and will take the consequences if they protect her identity — and her parents. Not too concerned about the dead gang members, Our Agents think that’s fair and remand her to SHIELD.



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