S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Pre-Episode Fifteen

Karyazad made arrangements through SHIELD to meet with Drs Foster and Selvig. Privately. According to them, Karyazad gave them thanks on behalf of herself and her family for helping Thor save the Nine Realms and kill Malekith. Any favor she can do for them without breaking her oaths to Asgard and her family, she promised to do. She answered all the questions they had for her: three hours for Foster, eleven for Selvig. K allowed them to record with their personal devices but turned off or broke all of SHIELD’s bugs. Both turned copies over to SHIELD (Fury personally apologized to Foster, at length) though Selvig had turned his off for a number of hours. She gave them both amulets: devices for contacting her and for protection against mental attacks.

K also had Heimdall (with the King’s permission) return the two British pilots and their aircraft that ended up in Vanaheim. They’d been injured, one very badly, and their planes wrecked. Both are now fully recovered and their aircraft fixed — with ‘improvements’.
K: “Earth is very well thought of in the Nine Realms now. People took the opportunity to give thanks.”
The pilots are now mildly Gifted (supersoldier lite) and the jets are now VTOL space planes capable of flying to the Moon and back. The RAF and SHIELD UK are having a tug of war over the jets and McCoy, Stark, Viera and Topolov (sort of Russian dwarf Stark) all want to look them over.



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