Nixon, Gina

5'10", Hollywood bod, looks like a youn


Born Georgina Forrest off the grid and undocumented in an Aryan Nations/ Christian Identity compound in Idaho.

Magneto, Mystique, Toad and Sabertooth took the compound over in 1999, when Gina was 17. Magneto used the people there as test subjects for his ‘mutation-inducing machine’. Several people died resisting the takeover, more died of unsuccessful mutations, most (except for the more comely young women) ended up with disfiguring mutations. Georgina was a complete success, with green hair as a side effect. Her sister Andrea was a partial (powerful but simple minded) and her retarded cousin Charles Lefner (Brainchild) gained hyperintelligence and hyperinvention but suffered a form of macrocephaly.

Georgina was now a ‘mutant’, worse than being black or Jewish, her family was mostly dead and Magneto welcomed her into a new life as homo superior. She played along. Magneto and the rest were clearly insane, he was starting to give her the eye and Mystique was giving her the hairy eyeball. Georgina played incompetent during a confrontation with the X-Men and got dumped.

Col. William Stryker’s team caught up to Georgina by following a trail of dead or mind-zapped truckers who had attempted to rape her. They Juiced her and used her for assassination assists: she could incapacitate motorcades or pilots. Between missions she was subject to abuse by bored Task Force X sociopathic, mutant hating soldiers. Magneto freed her along with many others in 2003. Again, she left as soon as she could.

This time she found the Xavier Institute and asked for help. Xavier mind probed Georgina and let her go with a modest stake after some very useful training in controlling her power. She thought Xavier and his students were nicer than Magneto but almost as crazy.

Georgina dyed her hair black, changed her name to Gina Nixon and moved to Los Angeles. She worked mcjobs and mugged muggers for a while before becoming popular with some of the film executive set as a ‘party consultant’, a walking broadcast party drug.

DMA Director McCoy asked Gina to join his team for the Battle of New York. She fought in an Xavier Institute jump suit and a Marilyn Monroe mask as one of the glass cannons protected by the ground-bound heavies. She killed one leviathan and dozens of Chitauri, and incapacitated hundreds more, losing an arm (temporarily: Ford) to blaster fire. After the battle, once Ford grew her arm back, the massive military presence was making her freak out and she asked Lila Cheney to take her back to Los Angeles.

Gina found Ricardo Obregon, hairdresser and brujo, and had her hair enchanted to be brown rather than green.

Found by Our Agents after she ran into and killed one of her TFX tormenters. They arranged a legal ID, a reliable and and a discrete psychotherapist. She got her Presidential Medal of Freedom, like all the other heroes of the BNY, quietly.

Bored with her Hollywood party gig, she started inching towards joining SHIELD. She became an on-call posse member and was issued a de-weaponed assault suit. Gina helped out with the Level Six situation.

Gina joined SHIELD provisionally, under a DMA contract, weeks before it imploded. She reverted to DMA status.

Nixon, Gina

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