LA supers


Caroline Brown (Pixie, Tink), flight with pixie-wing fx, can grant flight to others, mild TK and blasts, phase through matter, shrinking (probably: hasn’t used the ability since getting stuck at 6" tall for over a month), single mother of three boys, S-T jobber, looks like a young Elizabeth Banks as Tinker Bell; has intermittent legal troubles with Disney. Did SAR and body recovery after the BNY.

William Chartoff (Impster), telekinesis and remote senses manifesting as imps. Not a stand up guy.

Jack Daniels (Badfinger), massive stun or breakage effect, glass cannon, a hero of BNY. Co-owner of the Daniels Detective Agency.

Angel Dark, amazingly beautiful, pale angel with black hair and wings, mild super strength and toughness, flight.

Willie Forrest (T-Rex), super-strong and -tough, former mercenary in Africa and Latin America, has custody of his granddaughter and adopted son. 7’ tall, extremely muscular, ‘tribal’ tats. Popular bodyguard and backup, works for the Daniels Detective Agency.

Natalie Moon (Taser), electrical blasts, best investigator at the Daniels Detective Agency.

Gina Nixon (named Vertigo by Magneto), party consultant, a hero of BNY, former Stryker slave. Psychic sensory attacks, either incapacitating or lethal. Sort of tough. Mild regeneration. Recently signed on as a SHIELD Deputy for the LA office.

Ricardo Obregon and his sons, Fernando (Ferraro), Masino (Maserato) and Lambo (Lamborguino), and Fernando’s wife and Masino’s fiancee: brujos, a Wiccan and a mambo. They share a variety of psi powers mixed up with mysticism.

Cynthia Shea, co-owner of Pandemonium. Low-level but complex psychic projection and matter-manipulation powers. Looks elfy.

Jason Shiramizu, chef, telekinetic.

Shanti Sikozu, Tswana- (S. Africa)born, naturalized biologist. Limited fire projection, wall walking & leaping (personal gravity control).

Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) S-T jobber.

Jeremiah Strauss (Mr. Hollywood), co-owner and operative of the Daniels Detective Agency. Can shapeshift to people he’s seen in movies or TV, male or female, clothes and all, including makeup effects and real (mutant) horns, wings and such. Stronger and tougher than a normal person. Middling good detective.


LA supers

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