Level 6 supers


People who bought E laced with X-Gene activator from super-chemist Chris Bryant at the Level 6 club

- speedster: athlete and stunt woman wannabe Jennifer Hardwick.
- flight and light powers: talented visual artist Ariana Guajardo.
- levitation and illusionary transformation: Macy’s makeup artist and actress wannabe, drop dead gorgeous Haley Mok.
- shapeshifter: young actor Derek Smith
- growth: formerly short Caitlin McBride
- invisibility: introvert Fernando Vasquz
- super-strong and tough: USC footballer Mitchell Bell, whose college and pro football career is now over. Also, activating his powers makes him high.
- electricity and telekinesis: electronics tech Maylon Hines.
- claws and cat reflexes: minor con man Jake Levin. Assaulted police officers.
- bouncing (leaping and impact resistance): Barry Curtis. Assaulted several people.


Level 6 supers

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