[Brackets] indicates an alias the character does not use themselves. {dead}


Gina Nixon/ Georgina Jackson/ [Vertigo]. Psionic manipulation of senses, mindblasts.

Kristin Viera/ [Gadget Girl] Hyperinventor (CG, lasers), SHIELD consultant, and her CG learjet and ‘troncycle’, friends with

Angel D’Arc/ Lilahonna Xione Bagley. Winged flier, mild ‘succubus’ powers, nightclub owner (Pandemonium).

Elizabeth Harris/ Greenwitch/ not ‘Elfaba’ or WWotW says Warner Bros. Fire blasts & control, flight, tk ‘monkeys’, alternate forms: Elfaba or WWotW, excellent singer; green.


Dr Abraham Stein: Gina Nixon’s shrink.

Scott Harris: Greenwitch’s son, regional manager for Apple

Rahne Sinclair/ Wolfsbane. Wolf and Wolfwoman forms, canid senses, mild enhanced strength and toughness. Supertemps jobber, student, actress (as wolf) in Twilight 1-3 and other movies.

SHIELD Avengers Agent Fred Dukes. Superstrong, nigh invulnerable. Infamous for unauthorized video of fighting naked in the BNY after the Chitauri blasted his clothes off. And of him tearing aliens apart and shielding the Xavier Institute glass cannons from blaster fire. Member of Task Force X in the 1970s.

{Alacran}: Mexican were-scorpion, Juarez Cartel thug until he crossed them.

Joaquin Sandoval/ ‘Speedy’, 13 yrs old : mild superspeed. Involuntary Juarez Cartel thug. Family rescued. DMA custody.


mentioned: W.I.T.C.H.

Juarez Massacre:


Steve Rogers/ Captain America

Natalia Romanov/ the Black Widow

Clint Barton/ the Hawk

Fred Dukes

Samuel Guthrie/ Cannonball, XI alum.

Xian Manh/ [Karma] Mind controller, XI alum. Agent since 2009.

Elizabeth Harris/ Greenwitch

Flint Marko/ Sandman. Pardoned for his heroism in the BNY.

Katherine Pryde/ Shadowcat

Col. Laina Petrovna/ Tyomni Zvezda ’Dark Star. Sort of a low rent Green Lantern with teleportation. Product of the Russian Red Room supersoldier program.

Col. Mikhail Ursiovitch/ Balshoy Medvyed ‘Great Bear’. Were-bear with superstrength and regeneration.

DMA Deputies

Logan/ Wolverine

Rahne Sinclair/ Wolfsbane

Mindee Grace. Like her sisters Thea and Phoebe, one of the few surviving clones of Emma Frost. Raised to be EF’s tools, they rebelled. The three ended up at Xavier’s school and have slowly become more individual and better socialized. Mindee is the most outgoing. General high powered telepath.

Maya. Indian acid attack victim healed by V Carlysle during the Acid Attack Revenge Tour. Illusory shapeshifting of herself and others.

Vanessa Carlysle/ [Copycat]. Former drafted (parents killed) agent of British MI-13, former mercenary, former Stryker slave. Stateless. Shapeshifting (humanoids), plus mimicked powersets, one at a time, of a telekinetic, of Warren Worthington III, Sabertooth, Blockbuster and Joshua Ford. Acquired Lila Cheney’s powerset after the Massacre by negotiation. Starts dating Agent Mgwanze. Later wipes her powersets to get rid of Sabertooth and reacquired Ford’s and Cheney’s, and acquired Marut’s.

Lila Cheney. Rock star, and not giving it up. Teleporter with a worldwide range and 3.5 ton weight limit.


Kondrati Topolov/ Gremlin, Russian dwarf hyperinventor


{Victor Creed/ Sabertooth}. Regeneration, enhanced physique, claws, canid senses. Former TFX member. Enhanced with Magneto’s mutation inducer, given true superstrength but lost much of his intellect. Psychopath, misogynist. Former TFX slave. Executed for over a hundred counts of murder.

Michael Baer/ Blockbuster. Superstrength, Hulk-level Growth. Former merc, former TFX slave.

Charles Lefner/ Brainchild/ Overman. Mutation Inducer mutate, former TFX slave. Forced Sabertooth and Blockbuster to join him on his decade-long revenge upon Stryker’s associates. Lots of collateral damage.

Anthony Stark/ Iron Man

Ororo Monroe/ Storm. Director of the Xavier Institute, teacher.

{Robert Drake/ Iceman}. CEO of Super-Temps, XI alum.

Ricardo Obregon, brujo. Father of Ferraro (Fernando), Maserato (Maso) and Lamborguino (Borgo), more brujos.

{El Rey de Los Diablos/ Devil King/ Lord Belasco/ Lord Velasquez}. Mind Controller, shapeshifter (self and others), regeneration, unaging, other powers, 400+ years old. Collects superpowered slaves.


William Voorhees, lawyer and Hydra member/ tool/ asset.

Pandemonium owners:

Takeharu ‘Taki’ Kunimoto/ Oni. 7’, blue skinned, fanged, clawed, superstrong and tough, permeate.

Cynthia Shea/ [Galadriel]. Area enchantments, mild physical enhancements. Looks like a Peter Jackson elf.Angel

D’ArcPandemonium performers, patrons:

Michael Vogle/ [Drummer Boy] Enhanced Strength, 7’ tall, four arms. Sonic/vibration attacks using drums. Drummer and main attraction in the band Mutant Plague.

Rayelle Grant/ the Nose. Mild physical enhancement, can run 60 mph, olofactory senses and skills surpass Logan’s. Professional sniffer: wineries, breweries, a variety of industrial applications.

Jason Shiramizu/ Teke. Professional chef and telekinetic of moderate power but great skill.

Impster. Psionic projections provide low level telekinesis and remote senses. Hipster. Inherited Hollywood money.

Shante Shikozu/ [Firespider] Wall crawling and Leaping (personal gravity redirection, or something that looks like it), fire projection. South African woman, fearless.

Zoe Washburn. Mild superstrength and toughness, a force field, mobile. A really bad actress/ ok waitress/ decent Super-temps jobber.

Belasco’s minions:

‘Purple Dino Guy’/ Don Simon/ Azkeel. Superstrength, Hulk-level growth, regeneration, evil ‘Barney the dinosaur’ form forced upon him. 200+ years old. Slave of Belasco.

{Azazel}. Red skinned, tailed, clawed, horned, regenerating, ageless, teleporter with at least continental range, enhances strength and speed. Slave of Belasco.

Theresa Cassidy/ Siryn. Five years a Belasco slave.

{’Sinister’}: energy blasts from his left hand.‘Icewolf’: ice powers, wolf head…

Tigerman: Indonesian assassin with an enhanced physique.‘Gargoyle’: Moroccan winged terrorist until he was enslaved.

Joshua Ford/ [Lifesaver]. Healer, regeneration.



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