Everyone on Earth with superpowers is either a mutant/metahuman or an alien/Asgardian.

Nearly all mutants have higher Stamina than they ‘should’ and limited Immunity to Age, Disease and Poison.

X-gene activation is usually a result of physical or mental trauma, the need to escape an unbearable situation or of an obsession. Obsessions, deep desires or fears frequently shape some of the details of a newly activated mutant’s power set, and/or change their appearance for better or worse.

According to the ‘brujo’ Ricardo Obregon, some people can have their potential activated by occult means, and the resultant power set shaped by mystical beliefs.

So there have been a number of vampires, including a sparkly one who has managed to avoid doing anything worse than misdemeanors, a woman with Tinkerbelle powers and appearance (who has recurring problems with the Disney corporation), a green skinned Wicked Witch of the West fan, several Batman dopplegangers (killed by criminals), a number of werewolves, some blue-skinned and/or four to six-armed people in India, two men convinced they’d be super-soldiers and activated, an archer who can create gadget arrows at will, etc.



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