SHIELD Personnel


Director Nicholas Fury: creator of SHIELD. Stepped down to act as and advisor to President Obama. Back in charge after overseeing the dismantling of the World Council’s influence on SHIELD USA and creation of the revamped SHIELD Alliance.

Deputy Director Maria Hill: Politically hot after Juarez and some other things. Nick Fury don’t care.


Captain Steven Rogers (Captain America): dating (PC) Agent Copeland.

Natalia Romanov (Black Widow, a nickname she picked up as a Russian spy/assassin.)

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Xian Manh (major league mind controller)

Samuel Guthrie (Cannonball)

Fred Dukes (used to be “the Blob” when he weighed 880 lbs; call him Fred or Agent Dukes)

Flint Marko (Sandman; pardoned by NY and NY state for his actions in the BNY)

Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat, ‘Kitty’)

Elizabeth Harris (‘Wicky’, Liz): has (Wizard of Oz movie) Wicked Witch of the West powers, plus some.



Benjamin Pollock (man who made a Chitauri blaster work): successfully led the Mk IV Blaster team.

Claire Wise-Pollock

the PCs


Dr. Jane Foster

Dr. Bruce Banner (the Hulk)

Dr. Erik Selvig

the Skunk Works scientists


Anthony Stark (Iron Man)

Kristine Viera (Gadget Girl)


SHIELD Personnel

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