Super criminals


EL REY (Name unknown, no rescued slave ever heard his real name. Probably Italian and several hundred years old.) Mind control, shape shifting of himself and others, controls a large stable of supers. Believes that he and every other Earthly super is a descendant of the angel-human hybrid ‘Nephilim’ mentioned in the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Has a number of underground bases under, maybe, major cities around the world.

Known slaves, current: Azazel (devil-looking world class teleporter), Illyana Rasputin (world class teleporter), Simon/Azkeel (Cured former Purple Guy).

Known slaves, former: Eileen Kastner (imp girl, ‘Catwoman’, former thief), Ty Krieger (invisible guy, ‘Fadeout’, gangster in New Orleans), Howard Higman (‘wolfhead’, stoner), Theresa Cassidy (‘birdie’, Siryn, XI grad and popular singer), Emile Gentil (‘sinister’, former crook), Abdullah Derkaoui (‘gargoyle’, ‘Malak’, Moroccan terrorist draftee) and Dipu Ghosh (‘tigerman’, Triad enforcer).

LOBO (?) LA anti-Mara gang leader, wolfman, former US Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan.

MAGNETO (Erik Lensherr), concentration camp survivor. Recovered from the Cure to his pre-1990s power level (levitate ships, not huge bridges) by 2009. Seems to be a lot less crazy than before. Aimless and restless and completely discredited with mutants everywhere. Has done the occasional rescue of normal people. Some in SHIELD suspect he’s becoming concerned about the environment. Metallokinesis. Has not recovered his psi-shield helmet.


Super criminals

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