XI, the DMA and Super-Temps



President: Ororo Monroe (Storm)


Logan Howlett (Wolverine), 160+ years young.

Robert Drake (Iceman)

Joshua Ford, most powerful and humanitarian super-healer in the world. Usually on the road, doing healing runs with Rogue and or Synch.

Rogue (Took the Cure when it was thought to be permanent. With McCoy’s and the Grace’s help her power re-booted under her control.)

Dr. Henry McCoy, super-strength, -agility, -intelligence and -toughness. Blue and furry. Likes big words and hearing himself talk. DMA Director since its establishment in 2005. Multibillionaire: Lockheed-McCoy Aerospace (contragravity, and now argrav), Super-Temps. Personally makes the Cure alchemically with James Bright acting as the ‘azoth’.. don’t ask.

Phoebe, Thea and Mindee Grace. Clones of Emma Frost, maybe the only ones still alive. Phoebe is the coldest, Thea is a goody-goody, Mindee is most outgoing with online friends and such.

Thomas Everett aka Synch.



Is a US government agency with a smallish staff (about 12% mutants) and budget.
When the DMA needs enforcers or a strike team it can call upon the FBI, local law enforcement and US Marshals. Or it can hire Deputies, who are nearly always XI personnel, former XI students and/or Super-Temps clients. McCoy owns Super-Temps Inc. If McCoy wasnt the man who makes the Cure, personally, and the multibillionaire genius behind the contragravity aircraft (which everyone loves) made by Lockheed-McCoy Aerospace, he’d be in trouble. As things stand, he’s pretty safe.

Most publicly known supers in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Ireland and Scotland have done business via Super-Temps and a quarter of them are regular clients. In the US, due to lasting distrust, most superpowered people contracting with the military do so through Super-Temps. The Pentagon hates it but hated being nearly shunned by supers from 2004-2007 more.


XI, the DMA and Super-Temps

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