The Cure

mutant power suppressor


The Cure is only temporary, lasting several months to over a year. It does, however, provide society with the means to control superpowered criminals without just killing them.

The Cure is Weird Science, an application of powers that makes no scientific sense but follows some of the ‘rules’ of magic. Kavita Rao, the inventor, was a mutant herself, an alchemist. The Cure production process involved both alchemy and the presence of James Leach, a power-negating mutant. She was killed during Magneto’s assault on the Worthington Labs facility on Alcatraz Island. Henry McCoy found people capable of duplicating the process with Leach’s help.

The Xavier Institute, James Leach and the Department of Mutant Affairs (effectively: Director McCoy) control the production and distribution of the Cure. It is very expensive to make.

The Cure is available in injectable or aerosol form.

The PCs have limited access to Cure darts and sprays. They have, in fact, Cured multiple murderers Feral (off camera), Sabretooth, Brainchild and Blockbuster. So far.


The Cure

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