S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode One

SHIELD: Los Angeles
Episode One

Agent Dr. Jonathan Talon (MIKES’ PC): Burbank to New York teleportal a success. Tony Stark arranges to get some of the portals in exchange for an Arc Reactor or two.
Talon enjoys the party but is disappointed that Kristine Viera (aka Gadget Girl) does not attend — all of the Project BEARCLAW (reverse engineering alien contragravity tech) people are busy with a test run.

Agent Celeste Copeland (DAVE’S): flies commercial (first class) to LAX. Glues an excessively obnoxious fellow into the john.

Agent Elvis Mgwanze CALVIN’S): pilots a Quinjet and three passengers to Vandenberg AFB, then hops a helo to LAX.
— Where he and Agent Ellis (Kate Ellis, former Senior Chief Petty Officer, HQ manager/office mom, not their boss) beat Copeland there and drive her to Anaheim, Disneyland, the Disney Bunker and newly vacated NSA facility that is now their hidden base of operations.

Tour of the facility. Meet the staff. Talon joins them.

Info from the techie on monitor duty: a John Doe at the Santa Monica morgue shows signs of death by psychic attack that has Georgina Jackson’s (aka Vertigo) ‘fingerprints’ on it. Jackson is very strongly suspected to be one of the ‘Glass Cannons’ who fought alien invaders along side the X-Men, and President Obama wants to thank her personally and officially — but she disappeared at the end of the fighting and the Xies won’t give any information.

So: examine the corpse, have it moved to a good hospital and scanned, trace the ID — false, several sets — the car keys and so on.
Run camera footage from traffic cams, ATM cams and from people Tweeting the death, which was in public in the early afternoon; the man started to draw a gun and dropped dead.
ID Jackson (probably) in the crowd, follow her back and forward from the death and eventually ID her as Gina Nixon.
GN is living largely off the grid, in a luxury condo belonging to a successful assistant director, making money under the table as a party organizer/consultant.
‘Nixon’ runs and walks a lot for exercise, does not own a car, does not use credit cards. There are photos, mostly tweets, of her in clubs and parties attended by mid to high level Hollywood folk.
A number of (probable) would-be muggers or rapists have turned up alongside some of Nixon’s usual running paths badly stomped and lying in their own vomit — Nixon/Vertigo’s only known pre-BNY power was that of psionically scrambling the senses of people over a considerable area, which usually involved severe nausea.

Mgwanze acquires Nixon’s cell phone number. Calls, identifying himself as a SHIELD agent and requesting a meeting. Topics are: grateful nation, need any help? Nixon is relieved SHIELD didn’t send, say, ‘Batgirl’ (Romanov has not been publicly identified) or the Archer. She ID’s the deader as one of Stryker’s men and one of her handlers. Meet: Spago , on their dime, tonight at 8 pm: if they are really from SHIELD they’ll have the juice to get them a table. They do.

The meeting goes very well. Nixon is assured that she’ll be in the clear for offing Corporal Manning and beating up muggers. She’s bemused at the notion of meeting the President. Not interested in joining SHIELD — also can’t. People in US Army uniforms freak her out. What she’d like: a real ID, her tax dodging finessed (she can pay what she owes, fines, probably not), and an effective, discreet shrink to deal with her soldier phobia. She likes her current gig — she’s learned to psionically make everything seem nicer (tastier, more attractive, wittier, etc.) over a wide area; her offer to demonstrate is declined — and doesn’t want her clients to know that she can also kill people by wishing them dead. (Which trick she came up with to kill Invaders in frustration and rage as her usual trick doesn’t have a lot of range.) She invites them to come over to her condo for a swim. There’s a nice heated outdoor pool on the 8th floor and the condo’s owner left a selection of new guest bathing suits there. They accept.

The swim is pleasant. Talon teeps around and learns that Nixon is receptive to his flirting, he’s cute enough, has good manners has a certain badassitude from being a SHIELD agent. Fuckable, maybe more, but not tonight. Other residents are interested in who these people with the Hollywood-connected party organizer are, are they rich, are they good for their careers…

The pool terrace’s view is to the east and sometime after midnight everybody notices the letters OROTHY written across the sky in glowing green-yellow cursive maybe a mile high. A trip to the roof (with all the poolside folk following) shows that the message is SURRENDER DOROTHY. It does not seem to be smoke as it is not moving or dispersing at all. Gotta go.

Once outside they see that Gadget Girl’s CG-fitted 1999 Learjet 45 (with its 10x normal array of lights all over it, because hovering, LA airspace) levitating towards the edge of the second E in SURRENDER. A quick cal to the Works redirects her to pick them up and take them along; for a fee, of course.

The letters are transparent, they’re not material, not a hologram, not radioactive or more than marginally warm. Not dangerous, except as a navigation hazard — many, many aircraft are being redirected around the 26 mile long, mile high, 100 yard thick projection. An idiot in a Cessna flies through the D and loops around for more.

There comes a tapping at the cockpit glass: a pale, ohmyhfuckinggod beautiful woman with black hair and wings gets their attention, and Viera let’s her in. This is Angel D’arc, part owner and major attraction at Pandemonium, a popular Goth themed club, and a friend of Viera’s. She wants to know what Viera’s learned about the letters. She dismisses Our Agents’ speculations as paranoia; obviously, whomever did this did it because it’s cool and because they could. She bets Talon $20 that when they find the person responsible, they’ll be green. Wicked Witch of the West themed powers are perfectly reasonable (argues the succubus-looking woman), just look at whatsername, the Tinkerbelle lookalike, and the vampires, including the sparkly one, and someone spotted a fucking unicorn in Seattle. Angel D flies out and hovers to stick a finger in the E: nada. Viera reports a faint psychic tickle from the letters. Angel is bored now and leaves — and flies right back chasing a witch — dead ringer for Margaret Hamilton in full makeup and costume as the Wicked Witch of the West — trailing a green, glowing contrail from her broom. They play chase a while but Angel can’t keep up.

Mgwanze requisitions/rents Viera’s flying ‘Troncycle’ (securely mounted in the middle of the fuselage) and takes off in pursuit. So does Viera and the Quinjet that’s been making it’s own observations. The witch dives down towards central LA’s skyscrapers. Mgwanze follows; he’s a very, very good pilot and the Troncycle is quite user-friendly. The witch is slightly faster but Elvis manages to get her to pull over — slow down and levitate — after each has a narrow escape.

The Witch is manic, high on something. She says she’s had this form and her powers for almost seven hours. Mgwanze talks her into turning off the SURRENDER DOROTHY (SHIELD’s rep for redonkulous resources and pull help) and pitches SHIELD as a career. She’s persuadable. She’s also got troubles: nine hours ago her home was invaded by five gang bangers, she was robbed and beat all to hell and her house set on fire. Then she manifested her powers: healed in minutes, green and Margaret-like, chased them down and, ah, burned them to death in their car. And put the fires she started out. Mgwanze, his listening fellow agents — and SHIELD, really — could care less about homicidal gangers but flight, an energy attack, negating fires are all very useful to the agency. She demonstrates ‘flying monkeys’ (telekinetic projections) and teleportation — ending up 30’ from the Gadgetjet.

Elvis and the Witch — Elizabeth Harris, age 63, solidly middle class, retired CPA — enter the jet, people are introduced and the Witch concentrates on her hand, trying to turn back into her old self. Nothing. She borrows a mirror from Copeland, produces an Android phone (hers, taken back from a ganger) and Googles a picture of Idina Menzel as Elphaba and tries for that. And succeeds after a few minutes. Someone brings up witchy water-solubility. Harris determines that her hair does not melt, then picks her least favorite fingertip to risk: nothing. ‘Thank you, subconscious!’ Copeland wonders if she can sing. Harris tries it out and is very Menzel-like, the replay causing her to actually ROFL hysterically. Then stops, worried that she’s permanently high as a kite. Feels like she’s twenty again though… eyes Mgwanze and Talon. Are they married? No. Plants very lusty kisses on both of them and says she’s fully rejuvenated. Now what?

Viera flies them to Edwards AFB where they can land openly, get Harris fingerprinted to see if they have changed (they haven’t) and get started on signing her up as an cadet Avenger, her identity re-established and her financials in order. And where all the witnesses are under orders. Harris, still manic, picks out a promising young airman and invite him to help her give her new bod a test drive; she promises everyone to not kill him. He’s game. They decamp to an off base motel. Our Agents acquire some Air Force cops to watch the place. Mgwanze starts on the ‘paperwork’ for Nixon and Harris.

Talon talks some tech with Viera and she’s interested, but later please. She’d been up for three days when she boarded the jet.

Harris finishes ravaging the airman, showers and comes out at 10:46 am, no longer manic but way too pleased with herself. Viera flies them to Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and they sneak Harris into the Skunk Works and teleportal her to SHIELD NY.

Early that evening they get attaboys from Acting Director Hill. The President is pleased with the results re: Nixon; so is Hill despite the bill from Spago. Hill, the LA and California authorities are pleased that the skywriting was dealt with in under an hour and that there should not be a recurrence; she’s pleased with the new recruit; she understands about not haggling more with Viera (don’t worry about recruiting her, she’s already a consultant/contractor), and everyone is happy about the nearly glitchless teleportal tests. Re: successful teleportal tests, security at the Works will be doubled since Hydra, China and . . . everybody will want a piece of that action.

SHIELD equipment: superglue variants — good for 20 minutes then quickly degrades, good for several hours before degrading. EP cost = 0 — it’s effing superglue.
2) Spago Beverley Hills (it’s Spago, not Spago’s, my bad, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant) likey SHIELD (the manager has relatives and friends in New York); standing offer to comp major participants in the BNY or the cleanup, at least once.
“Aside from the fact that the food was amazing, I was truly impressed by the friendliness of the staff.  I expected that perhaps they would be more stuffy or snobby, but everyone from the hostess to the waiter to the maitre d’ was warm and so accommodating.

As this was our first time to Spago, I inquired about a tasting menu for lunch. Our waiter went to speak to the chef & even though they didn’t have one set up, they created one for us.  It was truly incredible.  Not only did they come out with fabulous dishes, but they respected my friend’s request to leave out certain items that she couldn’t eat.

Yes, you’ll pay a lot for your meal at Spago, but IT IS SO WORTH IT!!  I look forward to going back again someday.”
3) SHIELD has a 1-800 number.
4) Romanov and Barton have not been publicly identified. To the public they’re Catwoman/Batgirl/Mrs Peel and ‘the Archer’/Green Arrow.
5) “Chuckie” (Brainchild/ Charles Lefner) is masterminding the Travelling Revenge Show with Sabertooth and Blockbuster. He invited Nixon to join them, she declined.
6) Harris, FYI, is PL 6, 114 points.
7) The Skunk Works — located in Burbank on the site of the old Lockheed Skunk Works, under two parking garaged and a sound studio (front) — can run the teleportal for 14 minutes continuously, with a recharge cycle of 22 minutes. Talon can hand finish/alter/wizard the critical Weird Science components of a portal pair in about 6-7 hours; he has several pair on hand.
8) The press is all over Viera (casting: Piper Perabo) to find out about the skywriting and what was her part in dealing with the Witch — her jet was super conspicuous. She just says ‘Sorry, that’s Classified’ and since she’s known to have contracts with the Air Force and Marines, that works as well as anything would. D’arc just acts all mysterious like she had something to do with it.
9) Mgwanze = ‘M GWAWNZAY
10) Nixon knows a hairdresser/cosmeticist/brujo who darkened her skin from Scotts-Irish pale to medium Mediterranean olive, her hair from light green (all over) to dark brown and altered her facial structure a bit — permanently. For $22k. She can introduce them. (Elvis is thinking Witness Protection.)
Viera never, ever calls it a Troncycle herself. Lawsuits. It’s her ‘cycle’.
It’s airbreathing, aside from the CG, and tops out at around 120 mph. Her jet does 500 mph. Her pro bono SAR work and government contracts keep the FAA off her ass.
Harris has a son, Scott, a daughter in law, Jennifer, and two grandchildren, Jacob
and Emma (6) whom she dotes on. They live in Reseda a west of Burbank.
Harris’ property is in Altadena, east of Burbank, a few blocks from the Angeles National Forest.
13) Vampires: there have been at least five known ‘vampiric’ serial killer types in the US, all killed. The sparkly vamp, ‘Edmund’, lives well on volunteers despite being a douche. Stephanie Meyer despises him, Summit Entertainment hates him, Robert Pattinson, his double, fears him and Kristin Stewart isn’t stupid enough to bang him. A fair number of Avengers and Xies are waiting for him to screw up; smart money says The Girls will get to him first.

Episode Two

SHIELD EP 2 4-20-2013

Agents Mgwanze and Copeland present.
(Agent Talon is deeply involved in the first moving test of Talon Teleportals: a remote site at Edwards AFB to a small, expendable, RC ship well out in the Atlantic, out of shipping lanes. Successful — Talon pwns the doubters.)

Gina Nixon’s (Vertigo) papers arrived. Elizabeth Harris, who isn’t about to give up her family, no matter if she has to personally burn every MS-13 gangster in the world to death (that’s a quote; unrealistic but heartfelt), wants someone to brief her son Scott on what happened to her and set up some security.

Agent Elvis takes Nixon. Checks Nixon’s schedule and calls at a good time. They eat good Salvadorian street food near her condo. Mgwanze enjoys food spicy enough to be pleasantly warm; Nixon is pretty daring — for an Idahoan. They meet with Ass’t District Attorney Richard Langley who if fully cooperative with the feds, SHIELD and President. The necessary paper records will be adjusted and he himself will attend to problems.

Next is the shrink, Dr. Abraham Stein, half-practicing, half-retired and a little research. Nixon takes to Stein and Mgwanze catches Stein with an expression that says, roughly, “If I file off the serial numbers really well I could do some fascinating papers about this subject” and gives him a hairy eyeball. Stein reminds himself just whom he is dealing with.

Elvis allows Gina to hijack him for errands: open a bank account with $82,000 in cash with Federal assurance that it is not criminal money, car shopping and advice — she’s going for a used BMW.

Scott Harris, a regional manager for Apple, meets Agent Celeste meets him in a Century City Starbucks. Copeland manages to convince him she’s for real, his mom is alive but changed. Green, rejuvenated, green, super-powered, Witchy. They go across the street to a bar; Scott downs two shots.

It makes a certain amount of sense to him. Elizabeth is an Oz fan, a SF and comic book fan who dragged him to many a convention, and an occasional costume show participant. If whatshisname can turn into Edward the Sparkly Vampire, and whatshername into Tinkerbelle, more or less, then why not? Mom must be ecstatic. Aside from the danger from the gangers. Yes, he’ll happily accept a free gov’t security system, cards with Copeland’s and Burbank’s numbers and a secure phone.

Upon their return to Disneyland Agent Ellis informs them that new orders have come in. Proceed to Fort Huachuca, AZ where Agent Dukes will meet them to provide backup.

Five Minutemen volunteer border militia went missing in the Sonora Desert near the border with Mexico — radio chatter was roughly, “OH GOD NO! FLOOR IT! FUCK! FUCK! WHAT IS IT! AIIIEEE!” Three more investigated. One got away, badly injured, and died near Fort Huachuca.

Deal with it, whatever ‘it’ is. Take other backup if wanted, hiring authorized*

Fred Dukes is famous for several videos of him fighting aliens in New York, naked aside from tatters and scorch marks most of the time, sort of a chubbier, shorter, Caucasian Hulk Lite. Very Lite. His file says he has some desert experience but he’s no tracker.

Rahne Sinclair (aka Wolfsbane) lives in a condo in Culver City. She takes some acting and other classes at UCLA and gets work through S-T, mostly film jobs as a wolf or wolf-girl or as a sniffer (a bloodhound who can talk, more or less). She just finished a low budget ‘wolfsploitation’ flick with K-9 (Jorge Ivalde, can turn into any sort of canine) and Mr. Hollywood. She’s best known to the public from appearing in Twilight 2 & 3. Her acting is fair.

Agent Copeland called Super-Temps, Sinclair called Copeland and agreed to the gig. A little action would hit the spot.

Copeland and Mgwanze loaded the car for bear, picked up Sinclair and drove to Edwards AFB. A quinjet met them there and shuttled them down to Fort Huachuca. The base exec met them there and assure them of full cooperation: Humvees, Drone Controller school teachers and students and drones at their disposal, etc. Agent Dukes’ quinjet dropped him off, literally, from 200’ up (because he could) and introduced himself.

Elvis, Copeland and some Army helpers installed Stark batteries into Raven mini drones to increase their duration from an hour to 11 hours. Video was reviewed, including satellite IR which showed the Minutemen, their gunfire and no attacker. Mgwanze examined the corpses (MINOR RETCON): the guy who almost made it died of a bullet wound. The only corpse found on the scene the morning after the attack was missing an arm (torn off) and had some deep pressure cuts… with tiny bits of chitin in them. Pattern was consistent with a scorpion, crab or lobster the size of a horse. A big horse.

Radiation readings showed nothing unusual. Sinclair scoffed at the idea of atomic mutant animals. This wasn’t anything weird, just another shapeshifter like her. Googling scorpions (because lobsters or crabs are not desert creatures) revealed that they fluoresce in UV light. And that UV scorpion-illuminating flashlights were available. In town. Closed now, but the base Exec got one open and they made 3 UV spotlights from 15 ScorpionMaster flashlights.

Dukes got the base armorers to use parts he’d brought to modify a M2 machine gun into a personal weapon.

Minutemen were all over the area that night, occasionally shooting at coyotes or nothing or, once, some illegals in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Reports of Sinaloa Cartel activity: some honcho killed in Ciudad Juarez and a hit team, with supers, sent west. Getting close.

Sinclair checked the wind readings for the target area (from the south) and they worked out a good route for her to sniff for corpses — lots easier than something/ someone that might or might not smell like a real scorpion, and might not be in scorpion form any more. Copeland and Mgwanze suited up, Dukes stuck to fatigues and Sinclair went wolf, hanging out the roof hatch to catch the scents.

They ran across a Minuteman camp and warned them out of the area. They seemed unconvinced so Dukes stopped, demonstrated some super strength Intimidating them — and was recognized, despite not being naked. They made no trouble.

Sinclair picked up the scent of several bodies, plus something odd. The scent trail led to the border, fenced at this point. Dukes made a hole. They got near the source 22 miles into Mexico, in a dry river bed.

A drone operator reported something odd. Video showed a small dust devil/ source making it’s way towards them in short bursts of 100+ mph speed. Resolved to a short, skinny guy with binoculars, scouting for three 4-wheel-drive SUVs. Full of — radio chatter confirmed — Cartel soldiers. Kid seemed to be a draftee as there were threats about his family. Gangsters discussed the premium bounty for an intact head and cock. How to find a head or a cock on a scorpion. How they were better off forgetting the premium and blowing him to hell with the rocket launchers and not becoming freak food.

Rocket launchers. Shit.

Ambush? Warning? Indecision. We’re law enforcement officers, sort of.
Elvis called up the chain and got Agent Romanov. (Regarding the Sinaloa Cartel, they were known (personally, by her, was strongly implied) to murder rather large numbers of people, mostly women and girls, in Satanic/ faux pagan Azteca ceremonies.)

Right, no warnings.

The Cartel SUVs stopped in a nice open area, put a man with a knockoff Russian rocket launcher out each roof hatch and sent a kindly-looking, avuncular fellow out to “earn his pay”. The gentleman shucked his clothes and turned into a nasty, 400+ lb. were rat and scampered away to shadow the speedster kid, who was bait.

Our Agents found a good ambush point. Sinclair figured out where she’d go to scan the area if she was the kid and hid right close. Dukes set up with the .50 cal to watch for the scorpion.

Waiting. Copeland and Mgwanze aimed at the SUVs on each end of the short row.

Sinclair, wolfgirl, grabbed the kid, Intimidated him into silence and tossed his radio. He says, “Mi familia.” She says she’ll help them.

King Rat was sneaking up on Sinclair. She’s picked up his scent and located him — damned close.

Alacran (scorpion reached the end cover — burrowing under sand) readied itself to charge. Dukes has seen the moving bulge in the sand.



Fire One and Two! Both hits. The SUVs are blown to fuck along with the rocketeer and rifleman in each.

King Rat goes for Sinclair. She grabs the kid and scarpers. He pursues.

Alacran rushes up to Dukes and grabs both his arms in its huge claws, immobilizing the gun; it tries to lift and rip him and half loses its footing instead.
They’re evenly matched in strength, but Dukes if far more invulnerable and hits harder. He head butts it, hard. It’s Dazed. It stings him, a solid hit but Dukes’ skin is tougher than that and he feels the stinger break.

The remaining rocketeer shoots a the only target he can see - Sinclair and the kid. Hit! Hero point- miss, though she takes some damage… and so does the kid: incapacitated.

Mgwanze takes out the remaining SUV.

Copeland shoots the scorpion, with her pistol: no damage.

Dukes kicks the hell out of the scorpion: KO.

Copeland, Sinclair and Mgwanze stabilize the kid, barely.

Discussion. Sinclair finds Alacran’s pantry: six corpses in a burrow. Dukes finishes the were-scorpion, which does not change to human. Thankfully.

Copeland and Sinclair want to help the kid’s parents. Dukes says hiding them probably won’t work, not with the Sinaloa Cartel after them. Copeland and Sinclair are determined. He says they’re not Romanov… Romanov… sounded like she had a grudge against these guys.
Dukes: “Ever hear of W.I.T.C.H.? The Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell?”
All the rest: no.
“Sort of a joke in the ‘60s, but for two weeks there’s a bunch of supers calling themselves WITCH, running around India healing women who got acid thrown in their faces for getting uppity, and fucking up the men responsible. Word on the ‘Carrier is it’s some X-ies, one of the telepaths, Copycat, Flint — Sandman, he’s supposed to be on vacation, Lila Cheney moving them around, maybe Logan. And their intel is way too good to not come from us — and Romanov can run rings around almost anybody when she wants. Cap’n’s chasing around after them, quiet like, with Monroe, who probably ain’t really helping.
Anyway, they should have got to hell out of India three days ago, they’re all together, and Juarez sounds like a similar sort of proposition.

It’d be ugly as hell, but sometimes…”

So that thing happened, mostly off camera. Almost all the Sinaloa Cartel leadership, half the soldiers in Juarez dead. Gov’t officials and police who were on the take or frightened into cooperation missing a finger each and their short term memories. The speedster’s family in X.I.’s version of witness relocation.
Romanov left clues that the Vatican’s Opus Dei supers did it.
That the Zetas made it look like Opus Dei did it.
That Hydra is responsible…. with enough info that SHIELD won’t believe it and waste resources.

Backstory on Alacran:
19 year old poor kid came up a Power, joined the Cartel. Super macho, full of himself. Cartel boss’ daughter’s fiancee dissed the kid. Kid scorped out and killed him and his bodyguards. Took his car and fled west. Hijacked another car, left the road. Holed up for a while, mostly in scorp form. Hunted out the area, started in on humans.


1) SHIELD and US law enforcement in general can deputize volunteers/ consultants/ mercs with powers. Super-Temps has Hazard and Combat rates for their clients who are willing.

2) Battle suits: Impervious Protection 4, -1 Dodge and Parry, goggles do IR, LLV and flash protection, gas mask and rebreather built in. Comes in MARPAT (Marines) Woodland, Winter and Desert patterns. Yes, this temporarily makes you (most of you) PL 6.5 defensively.

Episode Three

craptastic and way late

Agents Mgwanze, Copeland and Dukes pick up Talon and White and go to the helicarrier.

Acting Director Hill decides to use Episode Two’s events as an excuse to eliminate the leadership of the Juarez Cartel. Most of the India Acid Victim Tour (Copycat, Dark Star, Mindee Grace, feminist revenge squad) pops over to help out the Avengers (Rogers, Barton, Romanov, Guthrie, Manh, Pryde, Dukes, Marko). Mindee hooks her sisters in and other X-ies join the mission after watching the girl skinning video. Agent Rogers plans the op. Our Agents, plus Dukes and Sinclair, and Joaquin Sandoval (speedy kid) are assigned to find and extract Sandoval’s family, all seven of them.

It all goes remarkably well. Hundreds of Cartel gangsters are ruthlessly killed with very few mistakes due to the three telepaths ability to identify the guilty.

Afterwards, Hill assigns two days of leave since several agents a lot of killing to process. White and Romanov use each other for stress relief. Copeland dates Captain Rogers. Mgwanze goes on a date with Carlysle (Copycat) who tests his nerve. Talon helps SHIELD savants compare and contrast his, Harris’ (Elfaba) and Petrovna’s (Dark Star’s) teleportation powers. Despite very different FX they are all very similar.

Episode Four

The morning briefing has two overnight items
: Club Pandemonium foiled a firebombing handily (fifth attack this year), presenting the perps and video of the event to the LAPD/
: The Getty Villa museum (Pacific Palisades) was robbed by metahumans who took the Chimera of Arezzo and the Lansdowne Herakles. Power was cut and all but one camera disabled by unknown means. Teleporter involved might be Illyana Rasputin, 17, missing for three years, though IR did not have horns.

Our Agents set off to investigate. On the way they get a report of a crisis at Marina del Rey — 10 minutes away. Metahumans are killing people on a yacht.
Our Agents, with some help from Storm and Stark, capture and Cure Sabertooth, Brainchild and Blockbuster with minimal (three yachts) collateral damage. There are a lot of cameras.

At the Getty Villa museum they discover that some cameras installed by a metahuman museum employee, a tinkerer, functioned when the normal ones did not. There were occult markings left on site. SHIELD files are not much help with the whole magic vs powers thing. They call Gina Nixon and ask about the brujo who altered her skin and hair coloring. The crap salon he’d been working at had burned down recently. She did have his name and the address of his former salon, Ricardo.

Ricardo Obregon had very good fake papers, a business license, no arrests, paid his taxes on time and in full, no moving violations, three sons (Ferraro, Maserato and Lamborguino, 18-23, the eldest married), a house. They went to his house and found it under observation by one sniper rifle-armed fellow hidden, army ranger style, in a stand of trees and four crows. White KO’d the man and the crows got lasered. The Obregon family, including Maserato’s girlfriend, were packed and ready to go, knew about the watchers and had some kind of communication with Ricardo. The boys are brujos, the ladies a Wiccan and a Louisana voodoo. Ricardo was initially snatched by Maras and made to alter appearances to order. Los Lobos, an anti-Mara gang led by a wolfman former Army Ranger, got wind of it and snatched him for themselves, burning down half the strip mall in the process. Lobos are maybe not as bad as the Maras. The Obregon family knows exactly where Ricardo is being held.

Our Agents snatch Ricardo out using a jury-rigged Teleport gadget. They arrange to have the Getty opened for them and other Obregons meet Our Heroes there around midnight. [Using much the same mechanics as Talon’s Jury Rigging] the six occultists 1) examine psychic residue of the teleportation, 2) block anyone else’s psychic senses of the area where the thieves teleported in, 3) make the site temporarily Immune to that teleporter’s power, 4) try for a Postcognition of the event. Everything but 4 goes to plan: Illyana Rasputin feels something and looks around for them in real-time — but can’t see shit due to 2, and can’t teleport there until 3 goes away. Obregon says he’s sure that Illyana is a minion of El Rey de los Diablos who is said to live under LA (among other places), mentally enslave people and super-people, notably at least one other teleporter and a superstrong giant with a tail, and that the Devil King is major bad news: he and his are bugging out. Now. Teleport block should last an hour or so. Gives them a burner phone with a contact number and they go.

Our Agents watch from a considerable distance away and see Illyana R, a big purple, tailed guy and some grunts pop up. The brujos had cleaned the area thoroughly so IR and company found jack. Purple Guy busted up a wall and was seemingly chewed out for it by IR.

Back to base or, in Talon’s case, the Skunk Works. Our Agents reported to Hill, Hill told the Department of Mutant Affairs and they told Peter Rasputin, aka Colossus, who is dropping everything and driving down from San Francisco.

[Meanwhile, at the Skunk Works, the ET artificial gravity team, including Viera, plus Dr. Henry McCoy and Tony Stark cooked up a group-trance Weird Science breakthrough. Two of the three team researchers Activated as capital-I Inventors. It was hard to get Stark to break away and go to the Marina.]

Episode Five

Morning mail:
— Invites for all to club Pandemonium from Angel Dark, one of the owners, via Viera (Gadget Girl) to the Skunk Works to their SHIELD security to you. Scrawled on the backs: FYI firearms don’t work there.*

— Agent Talon is snowed under with a combination of Project Eden (teleportal) work (the SHIELD [Russian and American] Eden Orbital Test Satellite) and with helping the Project Bearclaw (ET artificial gravity) breakthrough group still at the Skunk Works (Viera, plus Drs. Pittipaldi and Schultz, who both X-Gene Activated as Weird Scientists) make prototypes. Shultz has made a tractor beam projector…

— Dr. Reichert at Project Glockenspiel (chameleon paint) wants them to send their Acuras in for inspection when convenient and asks what they want them replaced with. Among other things they want a Ford F50 with mounts for a HMG. Mods and up-armoring are no problem. They speculate that Talon can get the mods done faster and Mgwanze can probably make the painting go faster.

— Joshua Ford (the XI super healer) fainted while working a hospital in Little Rock, Ark. and has suffered power burnout. While burnt out, however long that lasts (days to decades for other supers) his power is un-duplicatable. Everett Thomas aka Synch and Rogue were both duping him; Thomas loses duped powers when he sleeps and Rogue has to un-dupe after a couple of days or risk severe psychological problems. That leaves Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat who is not an XI alum, a DMA deputy or even an American citizen. (Though she did help SHIELD slaughter Sinaloa Cartel thugs.)

— Peter Rasputin aka Colossus, wants to meet them and find out everything they know about his sister and her captors. Hill OKs sharing information.

— Orders: Arrest William Voorhees, a partner at Duvall, Hoff, Voorhees and Stein, who was the lawyer for some of the people involved in the anti-mutant group killed by Brainchild’s group and has Hydra ties.

DHV&S has hired a very serious security team (badass mercs) with suspected Hydra ties and has shut down internet access to the top 5 floors of their building. The partners haven’t left it in 3 days. Voorhees’ family is flying, right now, to Europe. The others’ families seem to be turtling up at their estates. For 2 days there’s been a helicopter on the roof, ready to go on a few minutes’ notice; they switch between three helos and pilots at LAX.

Our Agents employ their minion agents to surveil the DHV&S building and see that Voorhees is indeed in his office working hard, with two guards on hand. There are at least 30 mercs, some or all of whom are Hydra goons**, a group known to do just about any kind of atrocity just out of spite.

They decide to hijack one of the helos during tradeoff then rappel down to Voorhees’ office and steal him away. Meanwhile Agent Copeland will infiltrate the office as one of the Asian paralegals and hit the office from the inside. They attempt to hire Kristine Viera’s jet for the extraction, but Viera’s jet and cycle are in pieces being retrofitted with the argrav tech she’s just figured out… and she realizes she’s been up for 3 days. She offers some jump harnesses: single use (but rechargeable) contragrav Safe Fall devices that did not take the base-jumping world by storm. And her third-best ‘sonic screwdriver’ style laser tool. If someone can get her home, where the gear is, and where she can sleep. They arrange that.

Mgwanze and White and their team, all in full SHIELD combat gear, only have to kill or maim the two Hydra goons on the LAX private heliport security squad to commandeer the fresh helo — the non-Hydra mercs surrendered. An Air Force helo delivers the gear from Viera’s house and Our Agents take off.
Copeland’s team ghosts the paralegal out of a restaurant restroom and Copeland takes her place.
Post-lunch and back at the DHV&S building, at the appointed time she lies her way into the executive elevator.
The helo team lands without incident and stuns the roof guards. White, Mgwanze and another agent rappel down, blow the windows with special shotgun rounds, enter and engage the guards.
Copeland engages the two executive floor elevator vestibule guards in hand to hand combat, gets one shot by the other and takes that one down with a Heidi Moneymaker maneuver.

They join up, harness up Copeland and Voorhees and step out the window. A team member roars up in a SHIELD Acura. Mercs/Hydra goons on the roof shoot at them and get sniped by minion agents. They drive off and rendezvous with a quinjet in a parking lot that takes the prisoner off for interrogation. Their office Mom informs them that a drone — a little one — has been following them. White lasers it down; sadly, it has a small thermite self destruct charge that melts the electronics. Further satellite scanning reveals approximately 50 more covering the LA basin in a search pattern: Hydra really wants to know where they live. They’re told to stand by…
Agent Guthrie (Cannonball) rockets to LA at hypersonic speed and flies around trashing drones pinpointed by satellite weenies for most of an hour, then rockets back to firefighting support in Arizona.

Our Agents return to the Disney Bunker and relax. They call Rasputin and ask him to meet them at Pandemonium at 10pm or so.
Pandemonium (which looks almost exactly like the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco) has a long line waiting to get in and Oni himself working filling in as doorman/gatekeeper when they arrive. A hot black woman is walking on the wall as if gravity were sideways, just for her, as he lets them in with no cover charge. A host takes them upstairs to a reserved (for random VIPs) table. Agent White orders blueberry pie. There’s a band with a fantastically good, four-armed, 7’ tall drummer pleasing the hell out of the crowd. They notice some other supers in the crowd, Impster (telekinesis that manifests as ‘imps’), some fat Asian dude busting an impressive move in mid-air, a horned woman known for beating Wolverine in a scent tracking contest… Mgwanze joins the dancers for two songs, then Rasputin (un-metallic) is escorted to their table by an adoring (male) waiter: for this Battle of New York hero, drinks are on the house. He orders a pitcher each of what Our Agents are drinking. Mgwanze joins them. They explain about the Getty, the brujo and what he told them about El Rey de los Diablos (mind controller, slaver of useful supers [notably teleporters], able to change other peoples’ shapes, lives under LA… maybe), the ceremonial magic and the Illyana double and the big purple Barney guy who showed up. Rasputin thinks it over. He winces a little about mind controllers and says he’ll try to fix them up with some XI (McCoy) mind shields, not perfect but a lot better than nothing. The X-ies could train them too, though these days that would be The Blondes.

Agent Mgwanze ‘hears’ an empty chair at the next table telling him that there’s someone sitting in it. He stands up like he’s heading to the men’s room and snatches a small, invisible person out of the chair and shakes… her, she goes visible, a 30 lb,3’ tall goblin-looking, pale, naked female with beautiful brown eyes, surprised as hell to be caught, cursing up a storm, who sheds some acrid panic sweat. Rasputin jumps and says he smelled that in his Jeep driving down from San Francisco. All this attracts some attention despite the tail end of the drum solo; Angel Dark herself slides down the fire pole near the stage from the third floor and levitates over to see what the problem is. The goblin faints.

*A quick check shows that firearms do jam within a two block radius of the club as of about 17 months ago. LAPD is annoyed and intrigued. The owners play dumb. Owners are Angel Dark (b. Liahonna Xione Bagley), Takeharu “Taki” Kunimoto aka Oni (naturalized American) and Heather Shea aka Galadriel (she hates the nickname). Dark is fast, strong, tough, distractingly attractive and winged. Oni has mid-level superstrength and toughness, wall crawling and mild phasing abilities. Shea does “elven magic” — low level psychic powers, psychic projections (‘invisible servants’) and has some control over her home and its surroundings.

**Hydra recruiters don’t usually mention that they’re recruiting for Hydra and they never mention the mandatory implants that can be made to release a lethal dose one of a variety of exotic, excruciating poisons into their bloodstreams. They all see a live demo in training and know that most other deaths are preferable. If they get enough rank, no more implants!

Episode Six
All Hell Breaks Loose

The Imp comes out of he faint, looks at Agent Mgwanze and mouths, “I’m so sorry,” to him.

The Agents’ SHIELD iPhones vibrate at them in the sequence that means ‘signal lost’. The power goes out, emergency lights go on. The club doors are knocked open by Oni, flung through the air nearly to the stage, landing on several dancers. The 7+ foot tall Barney the Dinosaur-looking guy from the Getty walks in the door, head-butting a hole in the lintel, followed by a tall but skinny wolf-headed white Wookie, a black and white tigerman, a normal looking guy with a left hand crackling with green energy and a lizardy gargoyle. Green energy pulses and all the lights, on or off, break. It’s dark but the intruders are backlit by lights from outside. A horrible screeching sound starts up outside, even louder than the screams and shouts of the hundred+ patrons in the club.

Agent White one-shots the energy projector with a gun-fu augmented laser beam through the chest, leaps to a chandelier and swings across the club. Mgwanze takes his captive Imp out the nearby fire exit. Copeland shoots the wolfhead to little effect. Rasputin armors up and starts making his way through panicked clubbers towards Purple Guy.

Angel Dark swoops down to check on Oni, he stands up and starts moving towards the intruders. Angel flies up towards Wolfhead.

Purple Guy says a word (Mgwanze knows it means ‘sleep’ and immediately knows a lot of other words in the language) and Oni and Angel faint and Angel falls 20’ to the floor. Then he calls Rasputin out. Tigerman rushes up the stairs and tackles White off the 2nd floor platform to the dance floor (more injured civilians) but lands far worse than White. Gargoyle exits and flies around to intercept Mgwanze. Wolf-head hesitates. Five horned, oversized El Rey goons wearing NVGs enter and fan out around the door. One blasts the retreating crowd with some sort of bluish mist; people start staggering. The crowd is becoming a dense mass in the back of the club.

White gets to his feet first and hops behind he big bar before Tigerman can see past the crowd. Copeland jumps the gas-dispenser guy and smashes him to the floor and takes one of his buddies down with a crotch shot. Mgwanze draws and shoots at Gargoyle but misses, then shouts, [Wake Up!] in the language Purple Guy used… and Oni and Angel do that.

Purple Guy punches out the support directly under Colossus, the platform sags, Colossus manages to keep his feet. He shouts [Sleep!] and the club owners pass out again.

Tigerman is trying to pick up White’s scent. Gargoyle swoops by and grabs Imp’s arm. Mgwanze wins the tug-of-war and Gargoyle nearly collides with the wall. Wolfhead moves to the edge of the crowd and blasts them with a cloud of freezing breath.

An athletic black woman in the crowd jumps up to the ceiling and stands on it; she generates a bright ball of fire and projects it to the middle of the club — about 500 Watts, the NVG wearing goons are dazzled and everyone can see. A hot blonde in a red dress, glowing faintly, pops out the nearest plexiglass window (and the frame) nearest her so her her friends can bail out. The Asian telekinetic floating over the dance floor dithers about what to do.

White douses Tigerman with whiskey and ignites him with his laser. Tigerguy drops and rolls. Copeland jumps Wolfhead and rides him around trying to choke him out. Mgwanze makes his way down the fire escape (Imp isn’t struggling any more) heading for their vehicle and misses a shot at Gargoyle.

Colossus jumps down to Purple Guy and they start duking it out. Colossus gets smashed through the floor about knee deep.

Tigerman fails to put himself out and is increasingly upset about it. Wolfhead tries to shake Copeland off. Gargoyle swoops low and snatches a fleeing civilian into the air.

In the club, the patrons manage to open the rear fire doors and get gassed by more goons. Lightweight, the telekinetic, starts lifting people up the fire pole to the third floor. Two goons attack Zoe, the blonde with the aura, and lose. Outside, the siren-like noise stops.

White jumps the bar and gets a glancing hit on Tigerman with a fire extinguisher. Copeland beats on Wolfhead’s melon. Mgwanze lasers Gargoyle, who drops his victim and flies around the building. Mgwanze continues across the street to the Acura.

Purple Guy and Colossus beat the crap out of each other. Zoe hits Purple Guy with a 20’ jumping side kick that hits like a car — and bounces off without apparent effect.

Tigerman’s rolling puts his flames out and he stands up. Wolfhead fails to dislodge Copeland. Gargoyle circles the block and gets psi-blasted out of the air by Gina Nixon. Ms. Nixon had been in line for Pandemonium when Purple Guy and company appeared out of nowhere – de-cloaked – along with a bird-headed woman, and horned guy who immediately went invisible again. Birdie started shrieking and most people were stunned or knocked out. Nixon zapped Birdie with her psionic sensory overload trick. Birdie hit Nixon with a concussive blast. Nixon hit Birdie again to full effect and the woman collapsed to vomit up everything she’d ever eaten in her life. Nixon leaned against the wall and tried to stop he nosebleed. When Gargoyle swooped by she zapped him and the 40 mph impact with the street knocked him unconscious.]

Fire Woman flames Tigerman, poor bastard. Zoe tries more kickboxing on Purple Guy.

White KO’s Tigerman and hoses him and nearby small fires with the extinguisher. Copeland muffs her switch to a submission hold and Wolfhead is loose. Fire Woman drops to the floor, picks up Angel and heads for the door, away from the superheavyweight slug fest. Mgwanze gets to the car, Cures Imp (now a good-looking, normal sized brunette and happy about it) cuffs her and drives out of the parking lot.

Purple Guy and Colossus smash away. Rasputin is still stuck in the floor.

Wolfhead can’t hit Copeland no matter how he tries.

Zoe gets up and punches Purple Guy in, maybe, the kidney and manages to do a little damage, but not enough for him to switch his attention from Colossus.

White takes Wolfhead down with his laser. Copeland moves to help Colossus by distracting Purple Guy. Mgwanze drives up to Pandemonium’s door — over Gargoyles right wing, which he parks on — and calls out “SHIELD!” to bruised, bleeding, raggedy and wild-eyed Gina Nixon and doesn’t get psi zapped.

With Copeland’s Teamwork distracting Purple Guy, Colossus Power Attacks — haymaker to the crotch — and Purple Guy is OUT. Zoe does a little cheerleader dance.

Mgwanze Cures Purple Guy with his last dose, the aerosol directly down the throat, and their foe turns in to a tallish, muscular Spanish- or Italian-looking guy. When they move him outside Azazel (ID’d later and emaciated, 50+ pounds underweight) teleports over, laughing, and pops out with Former Purple Guy. Azazel, still laughing, calls out from the out of sight on the roof that he just had to bring Former Purple Guy to El Rey to suffer for his failure. Zoe hopped up to the roof but Azazel easily evaded her and left with his ‘buddy’. Zoe found the cell phone jammer on the roof and brought it down. White and Mgwanze turned it off.

Calls: 911, SHIELD, their subordinate Agents, already on the way with, among other things, more Cure. Wolfhead and Birdie got Cured, Tigerman, Sinister [glowy-hand dude, no relation, ‘cause LOOK at Marvel’s Mr. Sinister: No. Effing. Way.] and Gargoyle just get manacled as they would die or be maimed by their wounds. Birdie turns out to be Theresa Cassidy (AKA Siryn), XI grad, singer and supposedly dead two years ago. She and Rasputin are happy to see one another.

Their subordinate Agents arrive and help deal with the police, curious crowds, EMTs, reporters and so on.

Cynthia Shea, the third partner in Pandemonium, returns from an errand and starts accelerating the club’s self healing.

DMA Deputies aka a bunch of X-men arrive via the Skunk Works teleportal and Russian SHIELD Agent Petrovna (Dark Star), who’d been liaising with them. Monroe (Storm), the Graces and Drake (Iceman) do support things. The Graces start work on un-mindfucking Pandemonium’s owners and the captured but not yet Cured minions of El Rey, right there upstairs at the club.

Rayelle Grant (aka The Nose, known for beating Logan/Wolverine in a scent tracking contest, professional olofactrist) calls Angel Dark and reports that she’s been following the fellow who cloaked Purple Guys gang up to the door. She can pick up his trail if he’s a block or so away but loses it if she closes. He’s 11 blocks away. Former Imp woman explains that the guy’s power is psionic undetectability. Mgwanze convinces Our Agents to load up on Adderal (discretely obtained from milling clubbers by A Dark) to overcome the dude’s power. This works, with considerable comedy and Mr. Invisible gets caught and Cured.

By the time they get back Pandemonium is repaired and back in business, with the Graces and their bodyguards still working to undo El Rey’s voodoo upstairs.

Our Agents join the dancing, still hopped up on Adderall. Once White starts playing with his gun while dancing Dark Star is called over to take them out for care. After a couple of calls she teleports them in 250 mile jumps to a hospital in Little Rock, Ark. ( at 3AM local) where Vanessa Carlysle takes four minutes out of her Healing schedule to fix them up. Dark Star drops them off at SHIELD New York and uses the NY-Moscow teleportal to go home. They portal back to LA, a subordinate drives them back to base and they sleep.

While they sleep:

:The Graces fail to break El Rey’s mental holds. They eliminate them but the bastards renew within minutes. They’d rather not risk brain damage to Oni, Angel or Shea by using maximum psionic power. So Monroe makes a call and James Bright (aka Leech), he of the power dampening field, source of the alchemic Cure, who rarely leaves the Xavier Institute, flies out on X-Jet One with Logan, Kurt Wagner and Hisako Ichiki (aka Armor) as bodyguards… and SHIELD sends Agents Barton, Manh, Marko (Sandman), Guthrie (Cannonball) and Harris (Wicky) teleportal to LA too. They commandeer the Verizon store next to the club for extra room. The Pandemonium owners are fixed by a two-second exposure to Bright’s field. Gargoyle and Sinister get the same. Tigerman had fully regenerated and been ID’d as an Triad assassin; him the Graces can experiment on. Bright gets some rare mingling with the public time.

:Injuries to the crowd were minimal. TK guy, Jason Shiramizu aka Lightweight, who looked mostly useless, actually cushioned Oni’s hit on the crowd, Angel’s fall and a number of other things. He’s a chef.

:The wall walking fire woman is a South African immigrant and UCLA biologist named Shanti Sikozu. She’s good for maybe five solid fire bursts, then she’s out.

:Zoe Washburn, the superstrong hot blonde with the aura, is a struggling, near-wannabe actress whose X-gene recently activated.

:Theresa Cassidy, ex-Birdhead, was abducted to be El Rey’s personal singer. She spent most of the morning crying, calling her father in Ireland and getting hugs from the X-ies.

:El Rey’s orders: take Rasputin alive, take as many of the SHIELD agents, superpowered clubbers, club owners and attractive normals alive as was practical. Use the bodies of three dead Hydra agents (found on the roof) to try to deflect suspicion. Hence Purple Guy’s (Simon [see-mone] aka “Azkeel”) Old Irish Stand Down with Colossus: both were trying hard to not bring the building down.

:Ex-Imp woman, Eileen Kastner, explained that El Rey’s pet theory, which he could blather on about for hours, was that all supers were descendants of the ‘Nephilim’, angel-human hybrids in something called the Book of Enoch. Kastner has lots of nifty super-thief powers (invisibility, soundless, wall crawling, object permeation..) and used to go by ‘Catwoman’ in Chicago before getting snatched. She’s fishing for a job with SHIELD or the DMA instead of a prison sentence.

:The gas used on the clubbers is alchemical and the hospital thinks its great, zero side effects.

:Gina Nixon (Vertigo) has been cleared by her shrink to visit the President. Just in case, she had the Graces check her out but she’s not been mindfucked…

The DMA will provide McCoy mind-shields to Our Agents.

SHIELD: AD Hill says, “Well done.”
She wants: Nixon as an agent, DMA deputy or something. You’re pretty sure she’ll try to get the President to do the recruiting, but if that doesn’t work…
: the Obregons, all of them if possible, as consultants. ASAP
: an assessment of the usefulness of Shea’s psychic projection and animation powers.
:Q-section (Exotic Tech, but everybody likes “Q”) wants jump belts. Lots of them. But they don’t want you to interfere with Viera’s argrav work. Do both.
:GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) scans of LA, Mumbai, Paris, Florence, etc are in the works.

Episode Seven

After doing some followup on the Pandemonium affair Our Agents returned a SHIELD Acura to the Skunk Works and took delivery of their tricked out Ford 150. They loaded it up and headed out to Fort Irwin (120 miles away, cleared with the base commander en route) to field test the truck-mounted M2 machine gun, the automatic grenade launcher, maybe a WP grenade or three…
Along the way they were informed that Agent Rogers and Agent Pollock (leader of the Skunk Works blaster team) would join them. They convoyed together from Rancho Cucamongo on. Added to the planned fun was testing of two Mk IV Personal Energy Weapons (blasters) on Rogers’ hunch that it would be useful. And it was: Mgwanze’s power (objects talk to him), and White’s Gun Fu, filtered through Talon’s and Agent Pollock’s technical wizardry nailed the problems. On the way back they stopped at a diner which Agent White said was supposed to serve some of the best pie in the Los Angeles region; he has a project. It was indeed very good pie. Pollock returned (blindfolded, lightly drugged) to the Disney Bunker with Talon where they finalized plans for the fixed Mk IV. (Which Talon can now produce with his fabber.)

Agent Mgwanze drove Pollock (lightly drugged, etc again) to the Skunk Works and then headed off to the Obregon cabin. He convinced the Obregons to give being SHIELD consultants a chance. Along the way the failure to find any trace of El Rey’s underground hells under LA, Paris, New York, etc. came up; Obregon opined that ER had simply lied to everyone and his lair or lairs could be anywhere, hidden by privacy, money and mind control. A SHIELD quinjet met them near a highway and flew them away.

Agent Talon helped Kristine Viera on her flying car project at Edwards AFB, aided also by some SW argrav techs and off duty Air Force mechanics. Despite Talon’s technical help, his presence threw her off track — off the Super Inventor Crazy Train — for a while. She stopped work on turning her beloved Ferrari Testarossa into an argrav vehicle and started plans to do the same to a (far more salable) SHIELD SUV… and started to lose grasp of the crazytech. She came back to her senses and transformed the Ferrari, this time keeping 90% of the base vehicle and adding many small argrav units, a crazytech generator, a couple of Stark batteries, running lights, cameras for above, below and side views, radar, sealed doors and windows for high speed operation, high strength windows. It’s a 450 mph Testarossa-red dream machine with limited cargo space, no rear seats and its full original operating characteristics (180 mph, etc) that runs on premium gas, mostly.
Then she started in on the Troncycle. There were some breaks for food, drink and recreational sex along the way.

Agent Copeland spent the afternoon and evening with Agent Rogers, including dinner at the Copelands’. This went over pretty well. Rogers had met Celeste’s grandfather during the War — just months ago, from his perspective. Rogers voiced appreciation of Daddy Copeland’s music; he had obviously done some homework. Afterwards they found other things to do.

Agent White’s desire for some kind of action was granted. He got a call from Angel Dark (that is, she called SHIELD’s public number, they ID’d her and relayed the call to White) telling him that Caroline Brown’s (aka Pixie, famous for SAR after the BNY and for looking a lot like a living Tinker Bell, or a young, shorter Elizabeth Banks made up as the Disney character) children had been kidnapped by thugs demanding she rob a bank for them, what with her being able to walk through walls and all. Brown (and, by implication, Dark) paid a telepath who called himself Lifeline to contact her twice a day — she’d had problems before. Lifeline informed Angel Dark. She asked Agent to do something about it… before they did. She had Brown’s exact position — in a car with the thugs, a block from the bank, numbers of the criminals, location of the children etc.
Agent White found the motel with the children, drugged, and one guard jerking off to video porn. He electrolasered — shocked — the thug and recovered the kids. Angel Dark flew over to transport the children to a hospital. Next Agent White took the opportunity to commandeer a garbage truck and ram the thugs’ car with it while Brown phased down through the car and the street. One thug was immobilized with crushed legs, two got out, White shot one and Brown fried the other’s head; he might have been drawing a gun on Agent White. Maybe.
White dealt with the LAPD while Brown flew off to the hospital. LAPD officers were pleasantly surprised at the tiny amount of paperwork they’d have to do and had no sympathy for kidnappers.
Agent White found Brown with her children at Brotman Medical Center, along with Angel Dark and Zoe Washburn (superstrong glowy girl). Brown had to go talk to the police, Angel had to get back to her club and Zoe was staying to bodyguard the kids.
White deputized Washburn and gave her a badge. He said something that caused the three women to look at each other and smile. He got pecks from Angel and Zoe, and a killer kiss from Caroline.

Episode Eight

[Gah. Waited too long for this.]
Viera lends Our Agents her argrav-converted Ferrari Testarossa to try out and talk up to their superiors. It’s verra nice, but small for their purposes. Agents Mgwanze and White give people rides - PR.

Vanessa Carlysle is in LA, taking some time off from channelling Ford way too much. Thomas Everett has just about mastered Carlysle’s power set. Ford is partially recovered from his power burnout and has begun doing some healing events on a smaller scale.

LAPD undercover (Gangs) detective Rick Castro contacts SHIELD LA after being ignored by his superiors: a guy, Chris Bryant, who makes party drugs that have no side effects, says he can make an X-gene activator drug and is just about to demonstrate it, big time. Our Agents follow up.

They don’t find him in time but do see his super strong bodyguard, Jeff (J-Bomb) Lowery outside Level 6, a night club. They fly in using Viera’s car and go in wearing full SHIELD assault suits, carrying their new Mk IV-E blasters. They call for volunteers in the super community via Super-Temps, and tell Nixon to suit up. Super-Temps vectors in Dr. Moebius aka Prof. Pogo to pick up Nixon and fly her over.

Assault suits and blasters turn out to be overkill. The drug is mixed with X and they Activate in mostly mellow fashion. Our Agents round them up and or stun them as necessary. A guy with cat powers mauled some cops, a bouncing guy broke three people badly, the rest was bruises and half-assed attempted assault. One speedy woman got away.
The DMA sends a Super-Temps rep to tell the ones not held for prosecution about what they can do to help.

Our Agents track down the fleeing drug maker and bodyguard and have Deputy Nixon stop them. Bryant (aka ‘Narcoman’) they bag and mailed to Hill via quinjet express. The bodyguard is given a stern warning as they can’t prosecute without prosecuting Bryant and gacking him on the spot is voted down. Lowery is a professional thug loving on the non-gang fringes. Bryant wants to live the Pimp Life he’s seen in music videos.

(They learn later that Bryant was Cured to give them time. The Level 6 supers will be monitored to see if their powers last and if there are side effects.)

Mgwanze asks Carlysle to heal some bouncer and catman victims. She flies in to the designated hospital (where a S-T lawyer has made sure all the paperwork is done and done ahead of time), heals the lot and every unfixable-by-modern-medicine patient who can get their paperwork done Right Now; done in an hour. Flies off with Mgwanze.

They found the speedster the next day and gave her the Super-Temps can help you speech.

The newly Activated [I can’t find the names I gave them originally. Maybe it’s at Dave’s. I remember who/what they are though, so with new names…]
- speedster: athlete and stunt woman wannabe Jennifer Hardwick.
- flight and light powers: talented visual artist Ariana Guajardo.
- levitation and illusionary transformation: Macy’s makeup artist and actress wannabe, drop dead gorgeous Haley Mok.
- shapeshifter: young actor Derek Smith
- growth: formerly short Caitlin McBride
- invisibility: introvert Fernando Vasquz
- super-strong and tough: USC footballer Mitchell Bell, whose college and pro football career is now over. Also,
- electricity and telekinesis: electronics tech Maylon Hines.
- claws and cat reflexes: minor con man Jake Levin. Assaulted police officers.
- bouncing — leaping and impact resistance: Barry Curtis. Assaulted several people.

Episode Nine

Madison Jeffries expands and fortifies the Skunk Works in one day. The next day, Thea Grace links Jeffries, Kristine Viera and McCoy mentally: they design, build and test several versions of laser cannon, and install a set of them for air defense. They each earn several million straight up, with more to follow if the design is normalizable — McCoy is pretty sure it is. (30 mil, tops, for several McCoy-Jeffries-class efficient laser cannon designs — a steal.)

LAPD contacted Our Agents and asked for help: a gang war with supers was going on. The Maras had brought in some South American talent and the Lobos were going down. Casualties were about even but there were lots more Maras. Earlier the gangs had mostly kept it on the down-low but now they were nuking it out in residential areas.

Our Agents suited up and hauled out the Mk IVs. They activated Nixon. Fury sent Harris to help since she knew LA, owed LA public service, and could put fires out. Thea Grace was on stand-by for telepathic goodness. Satellite surveillance pinpointed what looked to be the neighborhood the showdown would level: Our Agents rolled out. Harris and Nixon, both on Harris’ broom, provided air cover and video and rounded up strays.
In short: Our Agents took down the pros from SA, they took down the surviving Lobo leadership and they learned to love their Mk IVs. Those baddies not killed were Cured.

[email me the fun details you want included in the log]

Thea Grace scanned the captured Maras and imparted lots of very useful info to the Gang squad — illegal, but 1) over a dozen dead and dozens of wounded citizens so the cops were not in a nit-picky mood, 2) no traces, all via telepathy, and 3) foreign supers committing super-crimes, including murders, in America, so SHIELD had jurisdiction.

(Thea Grace made some calls and got Rogue (duping Ford’s power) to come to LA and heal the worst injured because if she didn’t Thea was going to brain burn the fuckers who maimed these poor people.)

Episode Ten

The group mind inventorfest continued at the Skunk Works. Jeffries, Viera and Thea Grace made flying cars. They reworked Viera’s (already converted) Ferrari. Jeffries got two, including a Batmobile. Thea got one for herself and each of her sisters. One for Director Fury. One for Deputy Director Hill. And a bunch of others. Phoebe and Mindee Grace showed up and broke the mindmeld. The carmakers collapsed, exhausted.

Vanessa Carlysle enjoyed a few days camping with Agent Mgwanze — who doesn’t like camping, but VC needed to get away from most people. Upon her return, she visited the Xavier Institute and wiped her array of copied power (and mental) templates by standing close to James Bright aka Leech. No more Sabertooth in her head. Next: new templates, none of them crazy or criminal.

Director Fury called Agents Mgwanze and Copeland (White and Talon were out on assignment) and informed them that today was Moving Day. The teleport block tech worked and was installed at the newly expanded Skunk Works, which had room for their office. They were getting the hell out of Disneyland. Pack up their personal items and pack up the secure data and equipment (SHIELD weapons, Cure dispensers, etc.) for movement via teleportation; the rest would go by truck. Be ready to take down their teleport block upon receiving another call in an hour.

Fury called back and was teleported in by Agent Harris along with Agent Rogers. They had a mission. The remaining at-large South American super-assassins were gathering to be exfiltrated by their Hydra controllers. Unfortunately, the Hydra agents were working out of the Huntington Beach Saddleback Church compound (church, high school & sports center in a rich neighborhood…) which posed problems. They’d call in a credible bomb threat — blaming al-Qaida, since Hydra was unknown to the public — to clear the compound. Tech Support would take down the compound’s electronic security. Rogers and Agent Dukes and Rogers’ SHIELD assault squad would go in the front. Mgwanze, Copeland and Agent Marko (aka Sandman) would go in the big bus garage to the suspected underground ops center. Objectives: capture as many Hydra agents and assassins alive as possible, dead if not, acquire all the data from the ops center and copy everything in the whole compound if possible.

The op did not go well.
The Hydra force had half a dozen working Hydra ‘blasters’, something not seen since 1944. The ambush was very good, led by what appeared to be a clone of Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, without the facial disfigurement, with Erskine super-soldier enhancements. Rogers and Dukes were hit and disappeared. The assault squad retreated. Marko, Mgwanze and Copelend were also zapped…

To appear in a frozen plain, in a forty mph wind, with all their electronics which had been turned on fried, surrounded by over a thousand frozen, mummified corpses, near a 11’ tall rotating metal device of some sort. Marko was in bad shape as half his sandy mass had been left behind in California, leaving him mentally impaired. Rogers would freeze, eventually, though perhaps not fatally. Dukes was immune to the cold. Copeland and Mgwanze turned their assault suit heaters on. Mgwanze queried the device and was told it was the beacon for the Hydra “blasters”. The corpses were nearly all US, British or Russian WW2 soldiers.

Their lasers and stunners were fine. They had two days of ration bars for two, the Stark batteries from their blasters, the Hydra teleport beacon and all the gear from the corpses around them. Their suit GPS established that they were in Antarctica, about 210 miles from the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Copeland, Rogers and Dukes lasered and dug out an ice cave and packed it with uniforms. Mgwanze tried to figure out what they could do with the beacon — WW2 Hydra devices were crazy dangerous. Marko tried to not blow away. They made Dukes some cross-country skis and snow shoes from rifles — laser them red hot and Dukes could mold them by hand — fit for his 400 lb body. (Comfort was not a problem, he’s high invulnerable.) Dukes left for the ASSPS on foot. The others used scavenged 70+ year old radio parts and their own equipment to turn the beacon off and use it to power a spark-gap radio and attempted to broadcast to the station.

Several hours later Agent Petrovna (aka Dark Star, SHIELD Russia) found them. She brought Lila Cheney, rock star and world’s most popular teleporter along. (Amundsen-Scott got their messages, sent word to the authorities. Cheney has global range but had never visited Antarctica. Nor had Petrovna, whose 250 mile teleport range was insufficient for the jump from Tierra del Fuego to the Antarctic Peninsula, so they had to fly over.) Cheney agreed to transport a team to deal with the dead WW2 soldiers and examine the device. Petrovna determined that the teleport beacon was, perhaps, within her force bubble weight limits but she’d want some scientists to look the piece of Nazi govno over before she’d move it, and there was no way she’d try to teleport the thing at all.

Petrovna loade them into a darkforce bubble and flew them along Agent Dukes’ trail. They caught up with him two miles from Amundsen-Scott. He swore a bit and finished the trip on his own. The stationers treated them like celebrities and there was much picture taking and autograph signing. Then Lila zapped them to the Skunk Works.

Back in Huntington Beach, SHIELD blew the compound up and made it look like the ‘terrorists’ did it. No bodies were recovered. SHIELD contractor Ricardo Obregon found and recorded the power signature of the teleporter who took the Hydra agents away.

Director Fury sent Pres Obama a recommendation that the public be made aware of Hydra. Petrovna did the same for Pres Putin.


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