Mainly the Marvel Shorts — The Consultant, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer and Item 47.

Spider-Man 1-3
X-Men 1-3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class
The Incredible Hulk (Ruffalo-ized)
Iron Man 1, 2 and some of 3
Thor (we’ll see about T2)
Captain America: the First Avenger ( we’ll see about CA2)
Marvel’s The Avengers
the Marvel Shorts
—tweaked to fit but with most of the warts left in where I can explain them. (Like: quiet VTOL X-jets, SHIELD Agents using 9mms like they expect .357 mag results, the two Sabretooths, Barton’s arrow supply…) Tweaked also means that a lot of mutants joined in the Battle of New York.

The movie events mostly took place around the time the movies came out, aside from movies set in the past.
I’m using Presidents Bush and Obama (and cabinets, etc.) instead of the fictional ones.
Why Los Angeles? Hollywood. Hollyweirder with mutants mixed in. Also, LA is where their HQ is but the whole west coast is loosely their baby.

M&M 3E, PL 6. [PL 7 now, 7.5 defensively in their Assault Suits] Rules tweaks: non-combat skills cost 1 cp : 4 skill ranks, PL 1-5 are 20 points per level, 6+ are 15p : level.
All PCs have a SHIELD Agent package and pay Equipment costs only for their usual, walking around in a dark suit loads but the HQ, cars (not flying cars… yet) and assault (military) equipment are free. PCs can have minor mutant powers ~ 10 points worth.

SHIELD’s purview started with mutant (PC now is ‘metahuman’ or ‘super’ — the X-genes are probably present in all humans) problems the Department of Mutant Affairs was not equipped to deal with, expanded to super-science and super-scientists (Hydra’s resurgence, Tony Stark), then ETs (Thor & pals) and ET Invaders (Chitauri).

Post Battle of New York SHIELD is riding very high. The World Council has been relegated to an advisory role since Pres. Obama was not pleased with the whole ‘nuke Manhattan without consulting him’ thing. Most other nations prefer local control of their agents and assets. There is a SHIELD Alliance. The main requirements are shared information, equal rights for metahumans (SHIELD’s position is that we’re all screwed if we turn our superpowered people against society), and cooperation. Since the US had possession of all the ET tech and specimens, Obama got his way. Russia joined up enthusiastically, having two Russian agents, Dark Star and the Great Bear, heroically involved in the BNY helped a lot. China still insists on getting all the benefits now and sharing and cooperating later; it is not in the Alliance.

Superheroes: DC and other non-Marvel comic book companies exist in this world, so the concept of superheroes and supervillains strongly influences how metahumans act and are seen. But vigilantism is illegal in the US. The only really successful superhero was Spider-Man. He died heroically in the BNY. There’s a statue.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

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