S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode 17

Our Agents endured days of hostile but professional debriefs and then over a week of largely inane or politically-directed questioning by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. White got arrested for Contempt of Congress. Copeland made it look like her most annoying and political questioner was a fool, and that she was politely trying very hard to keep him from embarrassing himself. He was grateful.

Meanwhile: the SHIELD and Hydra data dumps to the internet induced a frenzy. (The report of what Karyazad told Our Agents did not go public; evidently Fury kept it to himself.)
The Army Centipede program was shown to be almost fully compromised by Hydra and most of its enhanced soldiers brainwashed.
The dissolution of SHIELD with no warning angered several of the SHIELD Alliance’s other members.
The struggle for the shiny bits of SHIELD and its purviews was on. DMA Director McCoy quietly and unilaterally began taking over his agency’s former tasks.
The GOP started to try to impeach Obama. Again.

Mgwanze and Copeland got released and were invited to Stark Tower. The Event Room was full of art treasures from Sicily and a mix of guided tours and contending museum reps being semi-civilized under the invisible eyes of Stark security and the very visible ones of Peter Rasputin, Fred Dukes and others. (Let alone the presence of Stark himself, Banner, a number of Xies…)

M&C looked at the art, socialized (Rogers and Carlysle were there), ate great snacks, drank great drinks, got caught up to speed on events…
- Barnes was doing very well both with his physical retraining (newly grown limbs have limited muscle memory) and psychotherapy. Psionically assisted psychotherapy is much tquicker, and more effective, than the normal, supersoldiers heal and adapt fast, and Barnes was hella tough. And Thea Grace was banging him.
Maria Hill was working for Stark.



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