S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode Fifteen


PCs: Agents Copeland and Mgwanze
Agatha Harkness told Our Agents that El Rey/Belasco/Velasquez’ home was in Sicily.

Velasquez had two (or more) world class teleporters — Azazel and Illyana Rasputin — as slaves. He was know to use them a lot; he liked the high life. Known wc teleporters were: El Rey’s thralls, Lila Cheney, they Vanisher (not seen in decades), and mimics channelling the powers of any of those others, primarily Vanessa Carlysle. The newest iteration of the teleport detectors not capable of worldwide or continental reach but Sicily…

V. had an unknown number of powerful Gifted slaves. Any confrontation outside of his home would result in a lot of collateral damage. SHIELD was unable to locate V. outside his home. [ V. would pick a rich man, slave him and his entourage, shapeshift himself and his own entourage, and replace them. No money trail, no witnesses — slaves remained slaved, nothing to trace.] They knew from Karyazad that Asgard (and Hemidall who could see anything he wanted to see) owed Drs. Selvig and Foster Very Big Favors. They very reluctantly asked Selvig, who had ben slaved himself, to cash a favor in. Selvig’s reaction was, “Hell yes.” Selvig contacted Karyazad and arranged for Heimdall to tell him where V. was when asked, and a method to do so. SHIELD would surround V’s home with Teleportation Interdictors/TIs. If V. was home, good. If not, scare him home by surrounding him with TIs, slow enough to get away. Then turn the TIs on and assault. They hit up the DMA, and XI for muscle; both were happy to oblige.

SHIELD, via the DMA, assigned or recruited Agent Harris, Ultra [M/ Monique] XI alumnus from Monaco, Angel Dark and a few others capable of quiet flight with no energy trails, nightvision and tight lips to place Teleportation Detectors/TDs around Sicily’s coasts, then move them inward towards the cluster of hits. V’s home was hidden underground in a north-central national park. SHIELD moved TIs in, very stealthily.

Our Agents suddenly worried that V. might have infiltrated SHIELD with slaves. They went to Mindee Grace; she and Manh cleared Fury, then Hill. Then, with permission, worked their way through the Helicarrier — the Graces had learned how to detect a V-slave at a glance, and “are you a Hydra agent” while mind controlled worked for everyone else… They found a lot of Hydra agents and some slaves; some were both.

Fury called Selvig, Selvig contacted Heimdall: V was in a penthouse suite of a high end hotel in Mumbai, India. Vanessa Carlysle teleported Agents Rogers, White, Mgwanze, Romanov and Copeland to Mumbai. They rented a helo. White infiltrated to place two of the six necessary TIs on the walls of the adjoining suite. (He collected the 12 yr old girl in the suite’s occupant’s bed and did a little social justice along the way.) The others place the four other TI units. They turned them on, one per two seconds. Inside V’s suite the rap video-esque orgy was interrupted when Illyana Rasputin felt the TI’s go on: she rushed to V and teleported him and the two bodyguards who made it in time away. One left behind bodyguard grew two feet and got sniped by Romanov with a Mk V blaster (the long gun version). Two more, an Extremis/Centipede soldier and a female airbender blasted out a window to attack the helo. Rogers interrupted the Centipede’s leap with his shield; the man fell 44 stories. Mgwanze out flew the airbender and Copeland shot her with a grapple [as seen in CA2] and subdued her. Romanov shot the Centipede a couple of times until Rogers hopped down (Mgwanze having descended 8 stories up) and beheaded him. They called Carlysle, landed on the street and got the hell out of Mumbai.

In Sicily:
SHIELD: Agents Dukes, Manh, Barton, Nixon and Pryde, plus a dozen Stike Agents, inside V’s subterranean fortress/palace, Guthrie and Harris outside (because: rocketman, squishy)
DMA/XI: Peter Rasputin, Logan, Robert Drake (Iceman) and Tabitha Smith (Boomer) inside, with Ororo Monroe (Storm), Theresa Cassidy (Siryn), Amara Aguia (Magma) outside, because: claustrophobe, sonics indoors and superheat indoors.

They’d gone in. Unfortunately, Stark batteries would not work within the compound. No Mk IVs, SHIELD pistols, etc. The Strike Agents went in intending to take weapons off the enemy.
Those outside had scattered reports of attacks on SHIELD, DMA and the Xavier Institute.
Monroe sent Carlysle to the Xavier Institute to get firearms. As soon as she was back with pallet agents operating the radar array reported two missiles inbound. Three. Guthrie and Carlysle (in Marut form) rocketed off while Monroe attempted lightning strikes, Aguia shot firebolts and Cassidy readied a last-ditch sonic barrier. Four, five. Missiles down. Carlysle grabbed Magma and flew her to a missile launch site: burned out. Six missiles in all, all neutralized.

Harris flying monkey’d the arms in to the compound following Our Agents, Romanov and Rogers. They found dead shapeshifted slaves, some dead agents. Dead Extremis soldiers — no Centipede units on them, looking like they should explode any minute, Drake torn in half, Smith shot to shit. Art treasures in varying degrees of intact to trashed. Agent Nixon, sweating, with six Extremis soldiers thrashing around blindly in their own puke, piss and shit: Rogers and Romanov Cured them manually. Thea Grace, one foot burned off at the ankle, guarded by three Agents. Peter Rasputin staggering along with glowing hand prints melted into his shoulder and ribs.

Rooms, rooms, halls, rooms. A very large room: A. Manh and Mindee Grace staring at a 10’ tall, paralyzed Extremis soldier. Dukes, his nigh-invulnerable hands smoking as he wrestled another giant with white-hot hands. Barton, Pryde and Logan death-dancing with five more Extremis soldiers. Rogers and Romanov joined the dance. Our Agents killed the paralyzed giant, Rogers severed the other’s spine. Azazel teleported in to sword Manh and White shot him, A. teleported out. Illyana popped in to chop someone with a spatial displacement blade effect but froze for a second when her brother shouted at her… and Copeland Cured her. Extremis soldiers died or were Cured. Pryde staggered out of the wall to the room beyond, her assault suit on fire; she phased out of the suit in her underwear and gasped out, “He can do fire too!”

Room clear, they prepared to move in to the next room. Mgwanze persuaded the vault-like door to open and Dukes and Rasputin rushed in, Rogers and Logan followed but fire chased them back. Roaring fire, yells, booming thumps and a choked off scream. More thumps. Dukes and Rasputin reduced Velasquez to paste.

They freed a drugged woman in a cage whom Mgwanze’s voices identified as the mistress of the compound’s enchantments. They worked out how to toss Extremis corpses and parts out and into the Tyrrhenian Sea — Dukes and Storm, with Guthrie as a spotter — to explode more or less safely. The enchantress revived: Margali Szardos, slaved more than a decade. She helped them find and kill Azazel and agreed to seal the compound off and guard the art treasures (what was left of them) from the Mafia and so on. Mindee Grace vetted her, with reservations. They planned to get Madison Jeffries to repair what he could of the damaged art treasures. Later.

The X Institute reported fighting off an assault by Centipede soldiers and Hydra agents.
Carlysle teleported the DMA/XI group and their dead to the Institute; a second wave was very surprised.

Carlysle teleported the SHIELD group to the Helicarrier, which had suffered sabotage and been forced to land off the coast of New Jersey. The Skunk Works dome had been broken, casualties unknown. Other SHIELD sites were under attack from within. Hydra had thoroughly infiltrated SHIELD over decades, Velasquez had slaved many key Hydra agents and had ordered an all-out attack in hopes of drawing off the forces attacking his home. Now all the slaves were free of his influence, some of them reverting to their natural shapes.

Director Fury was dead, assassinated by a sizable force impersonating DC police and a Gifted with a metal arm.



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