S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode Seven

After doing some followup on the Pandemonium affair Our Agents returned a SHIELD Acura to the Skunk Works and took delivery of their tricked out Ford 150. They loaded it up and headed out to Fort Irwin (120 miles away, cleared with the base commander en route) to field test the truck-mounted M2 machine gun, the automatic grenade launcher, maybe a WP grenade or three…
Along the way they were informed that Agent Rogers and Agent Pollock (leader of the Skunk Works blaster team) would join them. They convoyed together from Rancho Cucamongo on. Added to the planned fun was testing of two Mk IV Personal Energy Weapons (blasters) on Rogers’ hunch that it would be useful. And it was: Mgwanze’s power (objects talk to him), and White’s Gun Fu, filtered through Talon’s and Agent Pollock’s technical wizardry nailed the problems. On the way back they stopped at a diner which Agent White said was supposed to serve some of the best pie in the Los Angeles region; he has a project. It was indeed very good pie. Pollock returned (blindfolded, lightly drugged) to the Disney Bunker with Talon where they finalized plans for the fixed Mk IV. (Which Talon can now produce with his fabber.)

Agent Mgwanze drove Pollock (lightly drugged, etc again) to the Skunk Works and then headed off to the Obregon cabin. He convinced the Obregons to give being SHIELD consultants a chance. Along the way the failure to find any trace of El Rey’s underground hells under LA, Paris, New York, etc. came up; Obregon opined that ER had simply lied to everyone and his lair or lairs could be anywhere, hidden by privacy, money and mind control. A SHIELD quinjet met them near a highway and flew them away.

Agent Talon helped Kristine Viera on her flying car project at Edwards AFB, aided also by some SW argrav techs and off duty Air Force mechanics. Despite Talon’s technical help, his presence threw her off track — off the Super Inventor Crazy Train — for a while. She stopped work on turning her beloved Ferrari Testarossa into an argrav vehicle and started plans to do the same to a (far more salable) SHIELD SUV… and started to lose grasp of the crazytech. She came back to her senses and transformed the Ferrari, this time keeping 90% of the base vehicle and adding many small argrav units, a crazytech generator, a couple of Stark batteries, running lights, cameras for above, below and side views, radar, sealed doors and windows for high speed operation, high strength windows. It’s a 450 mph Testarossa-red dream machine with limited cargo space, no rear seats and its full original operating characteristics (180 mph, etc) that runs on premium gas, mostly.
Then she started in on the Troncycle. There were some breaks for food, drink and recreational sex along the way.

Agent Copeland spent the afternoon and evening with Agent Rogers, including dinner at the Copelands’. This went over pretty well. Rogers had met Celeste’s grandfather during the War — just months ago, from his perspective. Rogers voiced appreciation of Daddy Copeland’s music; he had obviously done some homework. Afterwards they found other things to do.

Agent White’s desire for some kind of action was granted. He got a call from Angel Dark (that is, she called SHIELD’s public number, they ID’d her and relayed the call to White) telling him that Caroline Brown’s (aka Pixie, famous for SAR after the BNY and for looking a lot like a living Tinker Bell, or a young, shorter Elizabeth Banks made up as the Disney character) children had been kidnapped by thugs demanding she rob a bank for them, what with her being able to walk through walls and all. Brown (and, by implication, Dark) paid a telepath who called himself Lifeline to contact her twice a day — she’d had problems before. Lifeline informed Angel Dark. She asked Agent to do something about it… before they did. She had Brown’s exact position — in a car with the thugs, a block from the bank, numbers of the criminals, location of the children etc.
Agent White found the motel with the children, drugged, and one guard jerking off to video porn. He electrolasered — shocked — the thug and recovered the kids. Angel Dark flew over to transport the children to a hospital. Next Agent White took the opportunity to commandeer a garbage truck and ram the thugs’ car with it while Brown phased down through the car and the street. One thug was immobilized with crushed legs, two got out, White shot one and Brown fried the other’s head; he might have been drawing a gun on Agent White. Maybe.
White dealt with the LAPD while Brown flew off to the hospital. LAPD officers were pleasantly surprised at the tiny amount of paperwork they’d have to do and had no sympathy for kidnappers.
Agent White found Brown with her children at Brotman Medical Center, along with Angel Dark and Zoe Washburn (superstrong glowy girl). Brown had to go talk to the police, Angel had to get back to her club and Zoe was staying to bodyguard the kids.
White deputized Washburn and gave her a badge. He said something that caused the three women to look at each other and smile. He got pecks from Angel and Zoe, and a killer kiss from Caroline.



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