Kristine Viera aka Gadget Girl


Super-inventor, possibly a bastard daughter of Howard, or Anthony, Stark.

Makes a good living retrofitting aircraft with contragravity and as a consultant for SHIELD at the Skunk Works lab in Burbank, CA. on the Invader Artificial Gravity team — which recently had its breakthrough. Good for lasers, CG, AG and aircraft. Recently turned her beloved Ferrari Testarossa into a flying car, means to sell SHIELD on hiring her to retrofit a fleet. She sold her collection of Sci-Fi-themed laser pistols to the LA SHIELD lead agents and to some of their superiors.

She’s on very good terms with the LA SHIELD office, particularly with Agent Talon, with the Skunk Works people and with Edwards AFB’s brass and aircraft maintenance crews.

She has a pretty good protective suit, a cigar-sized laser tool/weapon, a CG-d 1999 Learjet, a CG & repulsor drive craft that looks like a Tron lightcycle (being converted to AG), and an AG Ferrari Testarossa.

Viera is not particularly fond of “Gadget Girl”, though she’ll answer to it.


Kristine Viera aka Gadget Girl

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