Jeffries, Madison


Madison Jeffries is a superpowered Canadian structural, electrical and mechanical engineer with very strong telekinesis limited to un-living matter. His X-gene activated in 2007.

He can levitate hundreds of tons of material, reassemble and ‘heal’ broken things to their original condition, assemble fairly complex structures and ‘see’ through several meters of material in extreme detail.

Jeffries did a lot of work repairing the Golden Gate Bridge. After the Battle of New York he was vital in making the initial repairs to sewers, water and electrical conduits, etc., as well as dealing with the massive amounts of rubble from damaged or destroyed buildings. He also moved the Leviathan carcasses to Governor’s Island.

Jeffries charges about 1% of what would be the conventional costs of repairing damage from natural or unnatural disasters. That still makes him a near-billionaire. His rates for non-disaster construction, demolition or repairs are higher — 5-10% of normal. He rarely does finished work, leaving that for ordinary contractors. The construction trades have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand, he does a lot of things dirt cheap that, in theory, they could have made good money doing. On the other, many, or even most of the projects he does are things that cities, counties, etc. couldn’t have afforded otherwise and he does leave a lot of work for regular contractors. New York, for instance, might have gone bankrupt after the BNY.

Jeffries works mostly in the US, Canada and other Commonwealth countries. In 2010 he spent four months in Haiti, fixing things. (Campaign world Haiti is much better off than real world Haiti.)


Jeffries, Madison

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