Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat


Blue skin, silvery hair, able to shapeshift to most any humanoid at will and, with some hours of close contact, permanently retain a copy of a superhuman’s power template — and a copy of their personality and memories.

She’s a British subject, drafted into an unkind MI-13 (superhuman agents, working with MI-5 or MI-6 as necessary) program as a teenager. Used as an assassin several times. Made to perma-copy and aging MI-13 telekinetic’s powers. Went rogue as a spy (not an assassin).

Caught by William Stryker’s slaver operation in 2002. Made to copy Blockbuster’s powers and then Sabertooth’s. Sabertooth’s insanity overwhelmed Carlysle’s personality and Stryker had a hard time returning her to normal. Sent on a number of missions, not abused quite as much as some others. Rescued by Magneto in 2003 but managed to disengage herself from him within weeks. She’s never used the Sabertooth template since.

Copied Neena Thurman’s (aka Domino) powers and persona to infiltrate the Xavier Institute in 2008 and remained in that form she lost herself and truly believed she was Thurman. Caught and brought back to herself.

She was distrusted enough that the X-Men didn’t recruit her for the Battle of New York. They did bring her in to copy Joshua Ford’s healing powers and speed up the healing of the thousands of wounded.

Did a little healing tour of India and Bangladesh to cover the healing of hundreds of victims of acid attacks, and the elimination of many of those who did or ordered the attacks, quietly. Co-conspirators were Mindee Grace, Laina Petrovna (aka Dark Star), Maya (indian illusionist and acid victim) and Flash Mob (Italian duplicator).

Participated in the SHIELD-XI death squad that killed Juarez, Mexico’s woman-flaying narcotraficantes.

Subbing for Joshua Ford on the healing tour as he’s suffering powerloss from chronic over use.

Dating Agent Mgwanze, from time to time.


Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat

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