S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

after Episode 16

(Yeah, I know.)

Carlysle kept making excuses to not go Ford and heal herself. 
Then she found out she couldn’t. And couldn’t figure out why.

Phoebe Grace, Logan (ace pilot and bodyguard) and DMA Deputy Virginia Brown (aka Pixie, living parachute and aircraft exit, just in case) flew X-jet 2 (of 2) up to  northern Manitoba, did an aerial dock with Jeffries’ Batmobile and headed to Stark Tower.

When Phoebe Grace arrived at Stark Tower, Potts pointed her at Carlysle. Ms Potts suspected, correctly, that the person who kept Guthrie, Carlysle and Harris from noticing 30 oncoming helicopters had messed with Vanessa’s head. Phoebe cleared that shit right up. (Carlysle/ Marut’s own electrical burst attack had trashed her psi shield gadget, making her easier prey.) 
Potts agreed to shelter the art treasures and invited herself along to watch Jeffries work and meet Ms Szardos, when they got to that point in their to do list.

VC went Ford and healed in under a minute (Regeneration 10). She teleported to Indianopolis and transported Ford to the X Institute, popped over to the Helicarrier and started healing people. The others jetted to the Helicarrier. 
The Graces couldn’t detect enemy psychic anywhere near — psionic invisibility that extends to psi is like that — so they laid psi invisibility on Logan who sniffed him (Gary Lumley aka Mind Flayer) out — Lumley wasn’t hiding so much as lurking — and Cured him.
M Jeffries fixed the physical damage to the ship and aircraft. 
The ship’s surviving cybermancer (infected with a debilitating virus as part of the sabotage, fixed up by VC), Romanov and, presumably, Mgwanze fixed the computer problems.

Centipede soldiers swimming ashore were intercepted by Agents Nixon and Manh, M Grace and Dukes in the aircar. (With Guthrie and Harris as air cover.) The women immobilized them and Dukes hopped down to shoot aerosol Cure into their mouths or up their noses. A couple of them managed to heat up (Cure can’t take too much heat) and had to be beaten unconscious first, then sprayed. DMA agents took them into custody.

Mindee and Phoebe examined James Buchanan Barnes. He’d been subjected to physical, psychological, chemical and electrical conditioning and memory alteration. Carlysle blew the chemicals away and fixed any gross damage from the electroshock and such when she healed Barnes. M & P explained that psi-assisted psychological therapy (PAST) was still therapy — they had quite a bit of experience with therapy for several kinds of brainwashing and psionic abuse (one of their main jobs at the XI) — it takes time. Also, PAST works far better on willing subjects. 
What happened is, when Barnes woke up healed, drug-free, two-armed, unlike the one-arm-and-prosthesis Winter Soldier, with his oldest friend sitting in front of him, he went into a fugue state, reverting to a fuzzy version of JBB of 1945 with no memory of anything since.

Up in orbit, while Tatiana Belenskaya/Bright Star kept the Hydra agents on the nascent SHIELD Alliance Satellite busy, Agent Petrovna/Dark Star flew Agents Pryde and Manh, and an unidentified man, up to it undetected. (B Star had melted their radar array.) Pryde phased them in, the man — Quicksilver in a mask — quickly immobilized everyone in a compartment with a large supply of plastic restraints. Manh sorted them out. Most of the compartments had been sealed, so Pryde phase them in to the next, repeat, rinse, repeat. The only real mess involved a dead man switch: Q took the switch-holder’s hand off. Then Petrovna flew them over to sort out the ISS and OBL (Orbital Big Lifter) crews. Petrovna, Pryde and Manh sacked out — long, long days for them.. Piotr met everybody, took a lot of pics and talked them into letting him go on a spacewalk. Upon waking, Petrovna acquired a teleport sight on the SAS and popped prisoners down when the station was within her range to one of her memorized sites. Then she popped the agents and Piotr to Earth and replacement crew up. During that day Carlysle acquired the SAS site as well.

In Sicily, Virginia Potts and Phoebe Grace negotiated with Margali Szardos while Jeffries worked. Actually, Phoebe kept alert for any mindfuckery while watching and listening — along with Szardos’ daughter Amanda and Amandas’s friend Jennifer, both witches some sort —  to two world class bargainers enjoying a genteel mercantile knife fight. Carlysle napped. Potts and Szardos had a wonderful time and ended up apparent friends. 

Jeffries finished, and revealed that there was a lot more gold tucked away — formed into big artworks and architectural trimmings — than they’d thought. A little over 8 tons of gold with debatable artistic value and artworks worth, maybe, after much debate by Potts, Szardos, Szardos and J Kale, art lovers all, perhaps half as much as the Venus de Milo: 800 million. The gold was worth about 700 million. Roughly 1.5 billion total. Minus Szardos’ property — about 3 million in art and half a mil in gold — and the 1% (of the gold) ‘security fee’ she’d negotiated, and the 5% (of the gold, half a standard finder’s fee) “secure transport fee” Carlysle negotiated when awakened and informed of the facts. Jeffries made a hole to the surface and ran up an antenna so that Potts could phone home and warn Stark. Jeffries morphed the bullion-turned-decorations back into bricks. Carlysle teleported it all (accompanied: she insisted so there would be witnesses that it all went where it was supposed to ) to Stark Tower in several loads, then took Szardos’ load to an undisclosed location. 



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