S.H.I.E.L.D. Los Angeles

Episode 16

Our Agents, Romanov, Guthrie, Dukes, Nixon, Barton, Pryde and Rogers returned to the Helicarrier via Carlysle teleport. The Helicarrier had been forced by sabotage to settle to the sea a few miles off New Jersey. Sensors were out. Aircraft were locked out.

Rogers had Guthrie, Carlysle and Harris circle the Helicarrier as aerial lookout.

With Director Fury dead and Deputy Director Hill away, Agent Hand (Level Eight) was in charge supported by Agent Coulson (?!! Quickly explained), also an Eight. Hand turned command over to Coulson and left to personally see to traitor Hydra mole Garret’s (*) imprisonment.

A group of transport and attack helicopters from Fort Bragg headed for the Helicarrier, radio silent and stealthed by illusion from the observers until far too close. Helicarrier Aegis and missiles were rendered far less effective by Gifted force fields and technopathic disruption: Despite the Helicarrier defenses and Guthrie’s and Carlysles’ attacks, 40+ Hydra-controlled Army Centipede soldiers hit the Helicarrier deck, along with a few Gifted. One of those, the Winter Soldier, went straight for Rogers and engaged him as an equal. Copeland backed Rogers up. Mgwanze swatted Centipedes off the deck with their flying car — the only air support available — then picked up Barton for joint flying car and archery ops. Dukes kicked ass. Mindee Grace cloaked herself, Manh and others and picked Centipedes off. Pryde picked off targets of opportunity with phasing attacks. Mind-controlled soldiers are generally less effective than free ones; they did poorly. The Winter Soldier’s mask came off and Rogers ID’d him as his childhood friend and Howling Commando hero James Buchanan Barnes. The WS didn’t seem to recognize Rogers. Barnes went down without major harm. Dukes policed the deck by kicking vulnerable or wounded Centipedes into the sea, including one phased ankle deep in the deck who left his feet behind. Carlysle fished herself out of the sea and started healing the wounded. Mindee Grace examined Barnes psychically while Carlysle went Ford and scanned him physically — full of drugs, shock therapy damage, brainwashing. Rogers had Carlysle heal Barnes: the robot arm came off, the drugs came out, physical brain damage healed… and he recognized Rogers,

Major Glenn Talbot, USAF, contacted the Helicarrier and informed them he had Presidential authority to take control. Coulson agreed to comply and bailed with his team in their jet — Talbot was one of Gen. Ross’ protegees and vehemently anti-SHIELD, anti-Avengers, etc. Romanov was the only Level 8 Agent left aboard; she reluctantly took charge. Technopath SHIELD tech Jones informed them that, as of an hour before, SHIELD was dissolved. Romanov released everyone who wanted to go; Nixon, Jones and others declined to trust the DoD and did so. Rogers and Barnes went with them to the Xavier Institute via Carlysle.

Romanov met Talbot’s helicopters with the more imposing Gifted up front and Mindee Grace, crystalformed, in the center holding a Cure detector. Talbot’s men had lots of Cure darts on them. Romanov welcomed Talbot aboard. Grace requested -demanded - they surrender their nonregulation Cure supplies (all of them, she’d checked with McCoy) to her as the ranking DMA agent present. Talbot looked at her, Dukes, and Guthrie (all dart proof) and complied. Things went smoothly and according to the book thereafter; knowing that Grace’s sisters were watching out her eyes, with DMA Director at their side may have had something to do with it.

Everyone was more or less politely held for questioning and taken to Washington DC.



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